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Clarification for the labels of packaged foodstuffs

some food that resides in your refrigerator has been there for a while. now, the expiration date is past, but it doesn't really look too bad. those dates are ususally fairly conservative anyway.

instead of quizically staring at a jar, or searching the web for timelines [see link], how about a description of what the stuff will look like when it isn't safe to eat.

no more will you sniff the top of the milk jug or be confused by loaves of bread that already contain little green specks that might or might not be mold.
-- tcarson, Jun 06 2006

Shelf Life Index http://www.realsimp...2304,676079,00.html
[tcarson, Jun 06 2006]

Dynamic Expiration Indicator Dynamic_20Expiration_20Indicator
[jellydoughnut, Jun 07 2006]

sp. refrigerator.
-- st3f, Jun 06 2006

By the name I was envisaging a label that turns red when the food is spoiled, maybe by being senitive to bacteria or something, or just a slow-reacting dye that reacts at exactly N days after activation.
-- webfishrune, Jun 06 2006

I'd also like to know what will *happen* to me if I eat it. Some products say "Use within 1 week of opening".

Or else what? It'll taste ok, just not perfect? Or will it taste horrible? Or will it be poisonous?
-- phundug, Jun 06 2006

Great idea! Each food product should be labelled with a color photograph of what the insides look like after being left open for 14 days. It'll cut down on overeating, if nothing else.
-- jutta, Jun 06 2006

Baked...see link.
-- jellydoughnut, Jun 07 2006

um, [jellydoughnut]? i don't think you got the idea. not an indicator, but a picture of what the contents would look like.
-- tcarson, Jun 07 2006

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