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Spray buff tint   (+7)  [vote for, against]
For badly damaged floors

"Spray buff" is a generic term to describe a combination floor cleaner-finish renewer product that is sprayed onto a floor immediately prior to buffing with a high-speed buffer. The ingredients permit better dirt pick-up by the buffing pad, and partially renew the floor's finished surface by lubricating the pad for better burnishing performance, and leaves behind a very thin film of finish.

Some floors are not the typical off-white or beige vinyl composition tile, but are still spray-buffed as part of their regular maintenance. Some hard surfaced floors in commerical installations are really quite dark, but surface damage can expose a light-colored substrate or otherwise generate a prominent light-colored area.

Spray buff with an added tint would go a long way toward minimizing the appearance of such damage until the floor can be completely stripped and rewaxed at its regular maintenance interval, or until the affected portion of the floor can be closed off for comprehensive repair.

With light colored floors, or homogenous floor coverings eg VCT, a tint is unnecessary as a light scratch will not be prominent or can effectively be buffed to the same gloss as the rest of the floor. But with darker floors, being able to stain the damage in particular and the surrounding area in general would improve the overall appearance of the floor until more thorough, more permanent surface corrections can be made.

I don't think a broad palette need be maintained - there is a manufacturer of auto body waxes that offers "body-color" finishes which are only available in about seven different colors. The film left on the car is so thin that the waxes' own colors are not prominent, but where tiny scratches and other imperfections remain in the body's surface, the contrast between the remaining wax's color in the imperfection and that of the surrounding body is much less eye-catching than when the blemish was unwaxed.
-- elhigh, Jan 18 2008

This idea suffers from being practicable and useful.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 19 2008

I like it. [+]
-- david_scothern, Jan 19 2008

And here I thought it was all-over body makeup...
-- Cedar Park, Jan 20 2008

"...practicable and useful." My bad.

"...all-over body makeup." That would be "spray tint in the buff."
-- elhigh, Jan 22 2008

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