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Square-bottom cat box liner   (+6, -2)  [vote for, against]
Seriously, they can't be that hard to make

Rather than having to dig, scoop, and otherwise mess around with random folds and wrinkles that pop out in my cat box's liners because they are bag-shaped (or, perhaps more accurately, prisms) rather than litter-pan shaped, I would think that life would be much simpler if cat pan liners were made to actually fit cat pans.

Still issued with drawstrings or other tying mechanisms to keep cleanup a cinch (har, har, har).
-- shapu, Apr 24 2007

got cha covered. http://cats.about.c...es/tp/litterbox.htm
#6 and #7 should do it. [blissmiss, Apr 24 2007]

You keep your cat in a box ?! Your name isn't Schrodinger by chance ? My cat is strictly free range, so not sure I can identify with the problem -but you're right, it doesn't sound too hard a concept.
-- Hairy Sock, Apr 24 2007

These are found easily at most every grocery in my town. Is this a geographical issue? Do they not have them elsewhere?

They are perfectly square and come in different sizes. They don't however have a tie. You must pull the sides up and make a knot.

And I'm sure they aren't widely known to exist, unless you have a cat, of coarse ;-)
-- blissmiss, Apr 24 2007

I have never seen these in the stores. All liners here (St. Louis) are simply bags. Basically, they're repackaged hefty sacks.
-- shapu, Apr 24 2007

(re: link) No, that's still just a bag. I'm proposing something with a flat, rectangular bottom. That's where my problem arises.
-- shapu, Apr 24 2007

I've only ever been able to find ones that are essentially large envelopes, they don't sit well in the bottom of the pan. +
-- Noexit, Apr 25 2007

Having found the same thing as shapu, I use regular bin liners (the kind with rabbit ear handles, which makes sealing the whole mess up afterwards easy).

But yeah, it would be useful if the bags actually fit the litter tray. (Except I use a plastic washing up basin instead for our cat, since that has higher sides than a regular kitty litter tray.)
-- DrCurry, Apr 25 2007

Why the liners? A litter tray is itself a plastic container which can be easily carried to the bin, emptied and rinsed out. Also, the corners don't wrinkle at all.
-- squeak, Apr 26 2007

Because it is a nasty job to have to rinse off crusted clay and cat pee from the bottom of the pan.

[shapu] I live in a small town and I can get exactly what you are describing at the local Winn-Dixie. It fits exactly into the bottom of a standard cat pan. The the bag is flat-bottomed and square-sided, and is designed to fit just over the lip of the pan. It has a drawstring.
-- nomocrow, Apr 26 2007

Really? Winn-dixie? What brand be this thing?
-- shapu, Apr 27 2007

I'm not sure, I'll try to find it. It has a badly-drawn cartoon cat on the box.

Now I just use beer flats (those shallow boxes that are used in stacking cases of canned beer), with a section of newspaper in the bottom.

The clay and cp go in the dingle starry, and the box goes in the trash.
-- nomocrow, Apr 28 2007

I want a "Winn-Dixie"...bad! (nomo, that what I was referring to as well).
-- blissmiss, Apr 28 2007

[blissmiss] No, you don't. It is basically a bottom tier supermarket.
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 29 2007

That it is.
-- nomocrow, Apr 30 2007

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