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An eco-friendly wristwatch fad

New from PhoenixCo: the sassy 'Squatch' watch.

Made from the fur of roadkill and processed just enough to keep it from rotting on your wrist. Kids, this watch is sure to appall your parents and annoy your neighbors!

Its reek will let other know you're coming from a block away. See if you can tell who's sneaking up behind you! Also useful for covering up prohibited indulgences (if you know what we mean).
-- phoenix, Oct 13 2002

Great squandering squads of squires squadroned into squeezed squalid squalling squares, squinting at their squab lined watches.

Perhaps squamosity will be the next fad. The thought makes me squeamish.
-- bristolz, Oct 13 2002

You forgot squashed. (fishbone)
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 16 2002

"Wow, my own Squatch! That's bad, dad!"

"Smelling isn't everything, son."
-- reensure, Oct 16 2002

Dogs do something like this, for what reason I do not know, but it serves a good purpose as it warns the rabbits of the dog's coming from a mile away. And certain little boys of my acquaintance will certainly go for it - this diversion might even take them away from their computers for a while. A croissant stuffed with ripe woodchuck for you, phoenix!
-- rabbit, Oct 16 2002

...All this work and to think that 'squid' stink more and are easier to tie around your wrist...
-- hollajam, Oct 16 2002

Perhaps, but the odds of finding one as roadkill are slim.
-- phoenix, Oct 16 2002

True. They just wash up on the beach once a day or so which only means that you don't have to scavenge for them in oncoming traffic. My comment was really directed in jest at UnaBubba's "squ-" fest so you get my croissant anyway.
-- hollajam, Oct 16 2002

Sa-... , the rolex of the squatch world
-- chud, Oct 16 2002

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