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Comedy sound effect shoes.

Very simply, these are shoes, of any shape or colour, that make amusing sounds when you take a step.

The ones I imagined were:

1.Ow, ow, OW, OOWW.!!
2.Comedy squelching with every step as into an untimely cowpat.
3.Squeaky bed spring.
4.Donkey bray.
5.Small yappy dog yap
6.Pneumatic robot feet effect SKSCHHH... SCHUNK
7.Enthusiastic, comic book noises...THWONK,SPROOING, WHEEEE, DWINK.
8.Accordian being squeezed in and out in wheezy way.

Even Squeaky shoe effect.
-- squeak, Feb 07 2003

Antiphonal Running Shoes http://www.halfbake...l_20Running_20Shoes
by pluterday. Not the same. [my face your, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(?) Squeaker Bulb
Common with clowns. Held in the hand, it can be "squeaked" as someone else walks. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(?) Click Sneaks
Someone baked your idea as a pair of sneakers that sounds like high heels! [krelnik, Oct 26 2004]

Baked. I have a pair of carpet slippers, bought for me by my neices, which make the sound of giant's footsteps when you walk.
-- DrBob, Feb 07 2003

At the end of a long day on my foot, my prothesis makes an 'entertaining' flatulent squonk every time I put my weight on it.
-- oneoffdave, Feb 07 2003

Walk softly and carry a big squeak.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 07 2003

Wonderful idea!
-- DrCurry, Feb 07 2003

That was one of mine, way back when.
-- waugsqueke, Feb 07 2003

I would buy a pair of shoes like that, it'd be hilarious!
-- AnathemasPride, Nov 01 2003

Heh. And here I had been looking at [oneoffdave]'s user profile page and thinking, "What's he mean? There's a bunch of ideas listed."
-- bristolz, Nov 01 2003

I passed up a set of Fart Slippers once at a Spencer's Gift Shop... never forgiven myself, either.
-- stringstretcher, Nov 01 2003

how about a review of this by someone who has recieved musical socks for christmas?
-- stilgar, Aug 14 2004

Invaluable for a comedy tap dance routine.
-- wagster, Oct 26 2004

Preheated by "Wimp Lo" and his shoes in Kung Pow, and baked with my Ecco shoes, which do the squeaky bedspring thing when they are damp on the soles.
-- normzone, Oct 26 2004

-- DesertFox, Feb 18 2005

donkey bras? what ever will they think of next
-- benfrost, Feb 18 2005

I want one that makes the pong noise, or one that makes the spinning tetris pieces and line-wipe-out noises.
-- quantum_flux, Dec 02 2008

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