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Fabric softener in a squeeze bottle

Very simple. Fabric softener in a squeeze bottle, like a large size hair conditioner bottle, so you don't have to deal with unscrewing caps and those bottles dripping all over the place.
-- Vexxy, Aug 20 2003

But fabric softener is liquid, not thick like hair conditioner... right?
-- DeathNinja, Aug 20 2003

I'd compare the consistency to that of dishsoap, which is readily available in squeeze bottles. I wouldn't be surprised if this was baked or if there was a plausible reason this shouldn't be done. But until someone finds it, + !
-- jivetalkinrobot, Aug 20 2003

squeezy bottles are for dispensing a tablespoon sized dollop of whatever, rather than (?) 6 times this amount of fabric conditioner; possibly involving a great hefty-manly grip squeeze and a resultant flat bottle. there is nothing stopping you transferring containers if you wish.
-- po, Aug 20 2003

they do.
-- po, Aug 20 2003

I think he means like bedsheets, so he can soften while he sleeps
-- DeathNinja, Aug 20 2003

how unlike a man - oh well! thanks death <shiver>
-- po, Aug 20 2003

Buy a big squeeze bottle - put the fabric softener in it. Baked.
-- waugsqueke, Aug 20 2003

Uhh... *what* hardens exactly?
-- DeathNinja, Aug 21 2003

You know... *it*
-- thumbwax, Aug 21 2003

Actually, I do put it in a hair conditioner bottle and it works great. It's thinner than hair conditioner, so a manly squeeze is not needed. With water-saving front-loading washing machines, which have small softener dispensers, you only use a dollop-and-a-half. Actually, even with top loaders, you don't need as much as recommended.
Oh. I think I just figured out why it's not baked.
-- Vexxy, Aug 21 2003

[Mr B] don't impose your softener stuff on people who like their fabrics coarse and hard and scratchy. we're hard - we are.
-- po, Aug 21 2003

Doctor: But Pedro, why did you put fabric softener in a squeeze bottle and squirt it on your burrito?
Pedro: I’ve been consteepated, and the daytime TV said eet would make my sheets softer.
-- FarmerJohn, Aug 21 2003

<chuckling with [Farmer John]>
-- X2Entendre, Aug 21 2003

The cap flew off and now my laundry equipment is just a big gooey blob. On the other hand, my sheets are so soft that I can just pour them onto the bed.
-- LabRat, Aug 22 2003

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