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Fashion: Material
Squid Cloth   (+4)  [vote for, against]
with suction cups that stick to your skin

Put on this clothing by wrapping it in spirals around your body, arms, and legs, overlapping as you go. It consists of long strips of fabric with rows of soft rubber suction cups on one side. This would be available in many types of cloth, and patterns, and come in a variety of widths.

Update: You can have various shaped panels to stick on anywhere. And straps with suction cups on the ends. Even Squid Sandals -- a style that wraps part way over the foot, and another that you just step down on to put on.
-- Amos Kito, Jul 25 2003

reminded me of this different idea by [brenna] [krelnik, Oct 05 2004]

thinks bras...
-- po, Jul 25 2003

Yes! Wrapping myself in suction cups is exactly what would finally dealienate me from the rest of society..
-- DeathNinja, Jul 25 2003

*Almost* hit the floor after reading that (m)ad-lib, DeathNinja. Best laugh I've had in a week.
-- thumbwax, Jul 28 2003

But.... why?
-- Zipwow, Jul 28 2003

The only thing in that whole paragraph that i wold buy would be the shoes. Sqid shoes.......................


Would they even work? Would they stay stuck to your foot??
-- gearhead13, Jul 29 2003

I think they'd work best around a beach or water park. If the squid shoes stay wet, they'll stick.
-- Amos Kito, Jul 29 2003

My uncle stuck one of those novelty faucets to his forehead, one time. He had a bear of a time removing it, and when he did, he had a two-inch diameter red spot in the center of his forehead for the rest of the day. And we were out in public.

I'd imagine Squid Cloth will leave teeny red dots in perfect rows all over. Some people will like that more than others.

//blood pooling in that region until I felt a very sharp, intolerable pain//
Well, that gives me an idea...
-- Amos Kito, Jul 29 2003

"Cheap Charlie's Sole Suckers" - flip flops with stick-em instead of straps - existed in 70s/80s. Perfect for the beach, parties and weddings. And when you took em off, you cleaned your floor without even trying.
-- What'sthePoint, Jul 29 2003

All for it, just 'cuz the word 'squid' makes me lauhg. Squid...hehehe!!!
-- echo, Feb 28 2004

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