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Using hydrostatic leveling

Café tables are invariably wobbly and/or not level. This is due either to being placed on non-flat surfaces or from being warped from misuse.

A three legged table is a solution to the wobbly aspect, but these tend to be unstable (ie. more prone to tipping over).

What is needed is a stable table where the whole base is always touching the ground and the table top is always level.

A possible solution to this is to fill a flexible but strong bag with a high viscosity, thick liquid (eg. molasses). The bag is then surrounded by a tube to form the stem of the table. The bag bulges out the top and bottom of the tube. The bulge at the bottom then conforms to the shape of the ground/pavement on which it is placed. The table top is placed on the top bulge and ‘floats’ hence staying level.

Instead of a regular tube | | , a concave tube ) ( could be used for increased aesthetics and stability.
-- xaviergisz, Nov 19 2004

Ironically enough, this table would be level but completely unstable.
-- contracts, Nov 19 2004

I'd like to see tables suspended from the ceilings in cafes and restaurants by thin but solid poles. The main cause of spillages in my presence is my clumsy but lively elongated legs interacting with the table legs in a most inappropriate fashion.
-- harderthanjesus, Nov 19 2004

"Now everybody put your drinks down. Good. On the count of three - everybody use their fork..."
-- Shz, Nov 19 2004

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