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Stand-Up Comemedian   (+4, -2)  [vote for, against]
A performer of trite memes.

The Stand-Up Comemedian takes the stage before the applauding crowd, readies the microphone, and begins the bit.

The crowd goes silent long enough to hear the first pop-culture reference and again explodes as if on cue in a chorus of applause and guffaws.
-- rcarty, Jun 20 2010

You're describing British pantomime

<obligatory: Oh no he isn't!)
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 20 2010

Comedy already does this, essentially. A lot of it involves them taking our behavioral patters, which are memes, and exposing said patterns with exaggerated impressions, all memetic themselves.

Maybe a comedian could revolve his act around some drab sarcastic display of delicately interwoven memetic entendre, as if not even noticing his prowess. That might be funny. It's probably called Stephen Wright.
-- daseva, Jun 20 2010

Wrong. Are you playing Straight Man to my Funny Man idea?
-- rcarty, Jun 21 2010

In Dame Edna Everage's case you might call her/him an "All About Me"-memedian, if you can stand it.
-- jurist, Jun 21 2010

A pirate, a mime, and a ninja walked into a bar...
-- RayfordSteele, Jun 21 2010

"ouch", "ouch", "ouch".
-- zeno, Jun 22 2010

This is a very average idea with nothing but the standard deviations.
-- Jinbish, Sep 27 2010

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