Business: Telephone: On Hold
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Kindda similar to Doc Browns fairytales... but not.

You phoning your bank /phone company / parole board and there's noone free to answer your call, so they play some synthesised classical music that makes you want to kill them and possibly yourself too.

Audio recordings of stand up comics to keep you amused, should be played instead. "Press 1 for Funny Rabbi guy Jackie Mason. Press 2 for dead wild man Bill Hicks etc. etc."

Keeps ya smiling while you wait.
-- etherman, Nov 01 2004

Unfortunately, you’ve written this as a WIBNI, but I can see the Muzak company getting into to this, selling a pay service of old comedy classics.
-- ldischler, Nov 01 2004

No longer a WIBNI.
-- etherman, Nov 01 2004

sp. synthesised. Thanks for the acknowledgement [etherman]. Together let us tear down the MIDI-based tyranny of hold music! Or get fished to hell. Only time will tell.
-- DocBrown, Nov 01 2004

I suppose you could have live stand up's, but that would be a tad more expensive and quality control wouldn't be very good. I reckon this is the best way to bring the good guys back from the dead. Plus it would be a bit cool having Bill Hicks telling you how much big corporations stink, whilst your on the phone to one.
-- etherman, Nov 04 2004

give up [Brau] you are outnumbered.

+ for the idea
-- dentworth, Nov 04 2004

hi pedants. take your spelling quibbles somewhere else. why don't you discuss the idea for a change.

[normal service will resume shortly...i hope]
-- etherman, Nov 04 2004

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