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Product: Countermeasure
Static Button Stick-ons   (0)  [vote for, against]
Touch this first!

Living in a relatively cold, dry climate, I walk around all day giving myself shocks with everything metal I touch.

Static Button Stick-ons are small metallic buttons that are composed of a top conductive layer of metal, a sandwiched layer of a capacitor material, and a bottom layer of a metal contact and an adhesive ring.

Simply scrape off the paint on a very small spot on a door frame or other large metal object (if it's painted) and stick the button onto surface, making sure the contact area touches the bare metal surface.

Before you touch the main part of the object, touch the button and the static electricity is quickly and painlessly drained from your body to the metal object.
-- Cedar Park, Feb 28 2003

Static wicks photo (B727)
[bristolz, Oct 05 2004]

Or adorn yourself with static dissipation wicks like those on the trailing edges of airliner control surfaces.
-- bristolz, Feb 28 2003

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