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Rain shield.

Most Shatterprufe (thats how they spell it on my car) windscreens have a laminated plastic section on the outside to stop it from shattering.

Firstly we need to make this plastic layer a bit thicker so that it can hold a static charge.

Along the bottom of the windscreen, we have a static electricity generator, a belt driven rubbing device. The static would repel the raindrops for just long enough so that they are blown over the roof.

"Hmm look at those dark clouds overhead - activate the shields, maximum settings!"
-- Trodden, Feb 07 2003

Nice. I'd be interested to hear from some physics bods if this is feasible. Could double as a bug-zapper too.
-- sild, Feb 07 2003

I like the idea of a Van Der Graff generator on the roof of my car powering this.
-- pottedstu, Feb 07 2003

Wimshurst machines attached to all the wheels
-- oneoffdave, Feb 07 2003

It depends if the raindrops have a positive or negative charge. Statistically, you'd probably end up attracting 50% of them. Besides, the fact that the vehicle will be damp, and operating in a humid environment, will make it extremely difficult to maitian any significant charge on the windscreen; it will just track and flash over almost continuously.
-- 8th of 7, Feb 07 2003

Normally, your windscreen would be an unlikely target for lightning. However...
-- lurch, Feb 07 2003

tada tada ta daaa, chaaarge it.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 07 2003

//windscreens have a laminated plastic section on the outside to stop it from shattering//
Actually that's not how shatterproof windshields are made, at least here in the US. They are actually two layers of glass with a piece of plastic sandwiched in the middle to act as the bond when the glass cracks. So you'd need a new coating on the outside of the glass if this is to work.
-- krelnik, Feb 07 2003

Shatterprufe ? Are you driving a Chevrolay?
-- snarfyguy, Feb 07 2003

Don't your windscreen wipers work?
-- uked, Feb 07 2003

ever hear of Rain-X?
-- Freefall, Feb 07 2003

I'd sooner invest in fitting a car with an aerofoil which is ducted to the area in front of the windscreen, free of charge.
-- X2Entendre, Feb 08 2003

Random Annotation
-- DesertFox, May 07 2004

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