Fashion: Codpiece
Steel-capped Socks   (+14, -1)  [vote for, against]

Turn any footwear, especially sandals, into safety footwear. Saunter around the jobsite with a renewed sense of calm.
-- Texticle, Mar 21 2007

+ this is better than my *steel toe* nailpolish.
-- xandram, Mar 21 2007

No, no, no, no,no, no, no!! Do NOT wear socks with sandals EVER!
-- FussyPedant, Mar 21 2007


I have worn the fiberglass caps that slip over ordinary shoes. They are often called "Clydesdale Cloppers." So, why?
-- baconbrain, Mar 21 2007

I'm with PussyFedant, ooops I mean, you know.

Big time fashion faus pau, (sp).
-- blissmiss, Mar 21 2007

The threat of my wearing black socks and sandals to my girls' school is the best way I've found to make them behave.
-- nomocrow, Mar 22 2007

Ahem, [FussyPedant], you left out the space after your 4th comma.
-- Texticle, Mar 22 2007

shouldn't there be a space between Fussy and Pedant?

I like this.
-- po, Mar 23 2007

Sp: Faux pas. Darned french...

Umm, so how will this work with those sandals that have the strap between the big toe and the other digits?

and why sandals? Surely any self-respecting construction worker would not be caught dead in sandals with socks.

Now bathroom slippers...
-- ye_river_xiv, Mar 23 2007

[Texticle] I apologise for the lack of the space after the fourth comma, perhaps there should be a program to rectify spelling and grammar mistakes. My excuse is extreme haste (or maybe a dodgy thumb on the space bar?).

[Po] No, there should not be a space between Fussy and Pedant but should po not have a capital letter if it is your name?
-- FussyPedant, Mar 23 2007

There should be a comma after // capital letter, // like the one shown. [FussyPedant] (+) For your sock idea, by the way Texticle, just in case it gets lost in the pedant's war...zzzz.
-- xenzag, Mar 23 2007

I'm po - I know how its spelt. its not my name but its me.

of course there should be a space between Fussy and Pedant - it makes no sense to squidge together.
-- po, Mar 23 2007

I'm so glad that's finished.

What a terrible racket.
-- nomocrow, Mar 26 2007

/Umm, so how will this work with those sandals that have the strap between the big toe and the other digits?/

The socks in question are also available in a cloven-cap variant.
-- Texticle, Mar 26 2007

Neah, only heroes get to wear that. No walking on skulls for me, thanks.
-- sweet, Mar 26 2007

Wouldn't steel-capped socks make rather a mess of the washing machine drum? Or do you not wash yours?
[pinches nose between thumb and forefinger] Poo-eee!
-- DrBob, Mar 27 2007

-- Voice, Aug 08 2010

If you have to ask that question, you're too young for the answer.
-- 8th of 7, Aug 08 2010

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