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Steerable Trailer Hitch   (+4, -2)  [vote for, against]
So you can steer your trailer.

A tow hitch built onto a truck or s.u.v. that can move left or right (probably almost the width of the vehicle) via an electric linear actuator that would be controlled using a switch mounted in the driver's compartment, or by a wireless remote controller.

Of course, the further back the wheels of the trailer are, the less useful this would be.


The trailer hitch will also include a much smaller second linear actuator, that would be able to extend and retract the hitch a few inches.

With this device installed onto your vehicle, you can just back your vehicle up to the trailer, then get out and position the hitch electronically. Or you could install a camera onto the back of your vehicle pointing at the hitch, and install a video monitor inside of the cab.
-- BJS, Feb 10 2006

I thought it was to make hooking to a trailer solo more easy. Search "movable trailer hitch" and you should find several patents for your idea.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 10 2006

I hadn't even thought about that...
-- BJS, Feb 10 2006

This would be great for weekend warriors and seasoned truckers alike especially when trying to back into tight spots. I like it. Maybe I'll build it if I get the time. I once watched a semi attempting to back into an alley next to a building for over a half an hour while blocking traffic in both directions.

The weight of the trailer could be a problem on fifth wheels. however I don't think it would be insurmountable.
-- ed68wood, Feb 10 2006

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