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Steering Wheel Demon Horns   (+1, -4)  [vote for, against]
Feeling rebellious?

Steering Wheel Demon Horns are molded plastic demon horns, sold in pairs, each fitted with outward-pointing screws which serve to affix the horns to the positions of 10 and 2 on the steering wheel (relative to a clock). Steering Wheel Demon Horns serve several purposes: 1. When you grip the horns, you still have full control of the vehicle as your hands are positioned at 10 and 2, 2. they allow you to maintain full control of the vehicle while simultaneously giving the double middle finger to passers-by. Also, for the nostalgic, they would provide an effect reminiscent of riding a bicycle.
-- monk, Mar 17 2007

Also, for the nostalgic, they would provide an effect reminiscent of riding a bicycle.

If only there were some kind of motorised bicycle.
-- fridge duck, Mar 17 2007

There is...
-- BJS, Mar 18 2007

I wish I could get some votes on this so I could know how people feel about it...
-- monk, Mar 18 2007

Here you go [-].
-- nuclear hobo, Mar 18 2007

With today's car designs, the airbag is often in the center of the steering wheel, therefore it would seem to me the the *horns* would puncture the airbag if it deployed.
-- xandram, Mar 18 2007

That's bollocks.
-- monk, Mar 18 2007

When you attempt to turn the wheel more than 180° the horns would interfere with your legs. Some sort of collision would no doubt ensue.
-- Texticle, Mar 18 2007

Depends on how you position them, but the fact that they are screwed in would allow you to rotate them outwards so that they would be less likely to "interfere with your legs."
-- monk, Mar 18 2007

Surely the original point of the idea would be lost if they weren't protruding radially.
-- Texticle, Mar 18 2007

How about if you just replace the entire steering wheel with a set of Aurochs' horns. Minor modifications to the steering mechanism would ensure that you do not need to turn the horns more than 90 degrees left or right relative to the vertical.
"Wha' about the airbag?" Whine the nay-sayers. "Pah!", says I, "Rebellious drivers are unconcerned when it comes to such frivolities".
-- methinksnot, Mar 18 2007

Well I thought it was cool.
-- monk, Mar 21 2007

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