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Product: Clock: Display: Analogue
Steggie the Clock   (+9, -1)  [vote for, against]
Child's novelty clock

A large colourful plastic clock, in the form of a partially stylised Stegosaurus (lime green is my colour of choice!).

24 plates in two alternating rows of 12 run down Steggies' spine, one row numbered 1 to 12 and the other row displaying '1:30' to '12;30'.

Plates fall as each half hour passes. When all are down the cycle refreshes twice a day at 1 pm and 1 am, with Steggie shivering and roaring as the full set fans upright again (the kids can at least see it once!)

Plates corresponding with dinner or bath times could be accompanied with suitable recorded messages, and Steggie also performs valuable service as a night light.
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 08 2004

//with Steggie shivering and roaring as the full set fans upright again//

Isn't this going to happen at midnight, waking the kids up?
-- harderthanjesus, Oct 08 2004

The kids will LOVE this! Get it in the shops for xmas. ROOOAAARGGHHH!!
-- wagster, Oct 08 2004

cute! kids love dinos.
-- po, Oct 08 2004

That's a bit of a blanket statement isn't it? What if you buy this for your kid on the grounds of that claim?

"But I don't like dinosaurs!"


-- harderthanjesus, Oct 08 2004

//The kids will LOVE this!// The kids? phffff, I'm getting this for myself!+
-- swimr, Oct 08 2004

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