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Sport: Croquet
Sticky Wickets   (0)  [vote for, against]
Soft balls, sticky wickets, suitable mallets.

Wickets and poles that would stand up by themselves -say, with suction cups, sticky bottoms (eeww), or heavy, weighted, cloth bottoms.

Soft, rubbery balls (again, eeewww) - perhaps inflated.


Now one can play croquet indoors and utilize all of the obstacles and terrain found in the indoor landscape, such as furniture, stairs, and doorways.
-- snikrepkire, Apr 23 2004

indoor croquet. splendid. +

<aside> when I arrived at university, we had a meeting with the hall warden. He ended his briefing with these words. "I know that the 3-bar radiators look like a wicket, but I want to make it quite clear that it's not acceptable to play Corridor Cricket." Up until that point, it had never occured. Safe to say, a marvellous season of F-Block corridor cricket ensued. </aside>
-- jonthegeologist, Apr 23 2004

Magnificent. A croissant for upholding the fine and long-standing eccentricities of the game of croquet. Double points for getting the ball through the cat's legs I presume?
-- hazel, Apr 23 2004

Isn't this how billiards came about?
-- justaguy, Apr 23 2004

sssh! we don't talk about that.
-- po, Apr 23 2004

Stickey wickets, Stickey Wages, Stickey Hilltops. Whichever you've climbed. (Oh. It wasn't Stickey Widgets, was it?).
-- Zimmy, Nov 19 2006

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