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Sticky note shades   (+28, -1)  [vote for, against]
Cheap easy instant shade from glaring sun

I keep a small supply of sticky notes...the 3x3 size in my car console. When I turn a corner at dusk or dawn and the glaring sun rays splash into my eyes, I grab a stickey note and stick it on the window or windshield to hide the galring ball at just the right place. Sometimes I mgiht even use two or three. The are large enough to give my eyes a right spot of shade and yet small enough to not hide my view of the road....My passengers love them for the annoying "Rear view mirror glares"...hides the glare for them and yet keeps my view of the mirror clear. Everyone who has seen me use these have adpoted them and absolutely love them. I even thought I might create some that are polarized shaded clear. New? I dunno...I've seen bigger ones that use suction cups...but the stickeys seem to be exactly the right things for the moment.
-- Blisterbob, Nov 02 2007

fab in every way. +1

sp: stickeye
-- po, Nov 02 2007

If you could have clear polarised ones, wouldn't it make sense to have the whole window polarised? Or have I misunderstood the effects of polarization?

But this sounds good.
-- dbmag9, Nov 03 2007

Aha! I smell a viable idea! sadly, some PostIt exec will see this, bake it and say it was his idea. Actually, that's not so bad.
-- Shadow Phoenix, Nov 03 2007

+ great, except for winding roads when the sun keeps moving or rather the car keeps moving...I could see myself with about twenty of them stuck all over the place!
-- xandram, Nov 05 2007

Holy crap. I keep Post-Its with me all the time as well, but never thought of using them for this. [+] from a Post-It addict.
-- Noexit, Nov 05 2007

[+] from me. Of course, you could just put one over each eye, jutting out at a 90 degree angle...
-- lostdog, Nov 05 2007

I thought this was going to be for houses for when you've just moved in and haven't yet hung the curtains.

Very cool idea.
-- nomocrow, Sep 26 2008

Modify the adhesive so it works well with forehead skin, and use the polarized shaded clear material for disposable sunglasses.
-- normzone, Sep 28 2008

And another.

There are some folks over at the FSM site that might go for a sticky note eye patch.
-- nomocrow, Sep 29 2008

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