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Stirling Wall   (+1, -4)  [vote for, against]
Wall construction for free cooling

I'm posting this mostly to help fill in the gaps so go easy...

About a half-foot away from the wall of a house is built another wall, the bottom of which is elevated about a foot from the ground by means of small pillars. The top of the wall has at least a foot of clearance from the eves.

The outer side of the wall is painted in black; the inner side coated with aluminiumium foil.

The original house wall is likewise coated on the outer surface with foil.

Integrated through the width of the outer wall are, essentially, small stirling engines. They produce power by means of the temperature difference between the world-facing part of the Stirling Wall and the house-facing part. As heat is transferred to the house-facing part, this heats the air in that confined space, causing a steady updraft which maintains the temperature difference.

The output of any given Stirling Engines is directly coupled to another Stirling Engine. This second machine runs between the inside of the house and the house-wall space. The machine acts as a cooler.
-- vincevincevince, Nov 26 2007

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