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Using several square miles of flat farmland, 50-ton megaliths are dragged into position along a spiral array. Positions with megaliths have the value 1, and positions without megaliths have the value 0.

A druid in an oxcart does the reading.
-- ldischler, Oct 14 2003

Stonehenge - The mother of all computers,1004737,00.html
Gerald Hawkins, author of Stonehenge Decoded [Brummo, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Peasant's Eye View
Wall, ahl ask 'eem, but 'ees alreahdy ghot wan! [Don Quixote, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Heh. Nice one Mr. D.
(except, aren't hard drive tracks concentric circles?)

A hard drive has problems if something causes it to oxidize. This proposal has similar problems if the ox dies.
-- half, Oct 14 2003

(+) I like it! Could we have a Stonehenge CD as well? A sequence of concentric ditches with deeper pits in them. A druid starts running in the center, for every pit he/she falls into, the druid issues a scream. For each lap, the druid must run a little faster (to maintain "rotation time"). Don't forget error correction.
-- Brummo, Oct 14 2003

Can I load Windows2000BC on it?
-- krelnik, Oct 14 2003

It will be hell to defrag it though.
-- Brummo, Oct 14 2003

I guess the only risk of disk crash would be an earthquake.
-- FarmerJohn, Oct 14 2003

Baked by Terry Pratchett. One of the earlier Discworld novels, with Rincewind.
-- Eugene, Oct 14 2003

Hey! This idea needs some [Steve DeGroof].
-- phoenix, Oct 14 2003

Wow. You showed up so fast people are going to think we're the same person.
-- phoenix, Oct 14 2003

Don't forget your surge protection. I'd want an ass that could hang a few megajoules.
-- Tiger Lily, Oct 15 2003

-- Tiger Lily, Oct 15 2003

"I've got one of those new 4 giga-tonne computers."
-- PeterSilly, Oct 15 2003

Uh Huh, the ultimate in HARD drives, imagine the removable drive version. 40,000 peasants with ropes and log rollers. Actually, forget the druid, use the sun, then it's an optical drive.
-- Alcin, Oct 15 2003

Nicked from Terry Pratchet. Something about it being cheaper to build a new standing stone circle than upgrade an old one.
-- squeak, Oct 15 2003

Oh, Happy Day! Found 3 good ideas in a row! Defragmenting this hard drive could lead to missing -
-- thumbwax, Oct 15 2003

Defragmenting this particular hard drive might leave the place in runes.
-- Tiger Lily, Oct 15 2003

EARTHQUAKE!!! and my data was all scrambled...

Those gopher hackers /
-- alfold1, Oct 15 2003

Is the speed of this hard drive measured in Minutes per Rev (MPR) not RPM?
-- Peticelli, Oct 16 2003

Apple's version would be transparent with titanium accents. We should probably take a closer look at all the glass and steel buildings around One Infinate Loop in Cupertino and decode that.

The Stonehenge hard drive could have all sorts of input devices like Firewire, Earthwire, Airwire, Waterwire and Aetherwire. Also it would have USBO Universal Sacrificial Burnt Offering. +
-- sartep, Oct 16 2003

"A druid in an oxcart does the reading"
The forerunner to the cereal bus presumably?
-- goff, Oct 16 2003

"Hello, Helpdesk, can I help you?"
"Yes, my computer hard drive has crashed"
"Oh dear, and how did this problem manifest itself?"
"Well, six oxcarts, two rams and three druids met two megaliths head on and there's rock, animals and druids everywhere and I've got to get my Astrologloical prediction presentation out to the village chief by four o'clock. What can I do?"
"I suggest we send round an engineer to recover what data he can onto a portable stone tablet, and you can finish your presentation off your lap-top"

-- goff, Oct 17 2003

This technology has proven reliable. It has a MTBF of 1000 years and a lifetime of 10,000 years.
-- mr2560, Oct 17 2003

I'll just groan here for all of us...
-- RobGraham, Oct 17 2003

LOL! good idea. One should be built. Althogh I don't think it would run "Quake 3 arena" very well. The GUI (graphical user interface) would be pretty interesting to see... ideas???
-- thelambs, Oct 17 2003

Oops, my bad. Still in capture the flag mode. Cn't spnd ltz v tm typn wrds r u gt sht, u no? You type to long and you lose, so you shorten things, the extra questions marks are just to make sure everyone clearly sees your making a request. It's all a tactical thing. I better stop rambling, gonna check out a few more posts and hit the sack. Excuse my informality, well... Bonuit!
-- thelambs, Oct 18 2003

At least that finally explains the Easter Island and riddle of the sphinx mysteries.....obviously these were just upgrades.....
-- rumbletumbler, Oct 18 2003

Finally! Hardware able to keep pace with Windows.
-- silverstormer, Oct 18 2003

Well, "Quake 3 Arena" is a game. A first person shooter. It was the best first person shooter in its day. Mind you it still is good and has been the premier 3d engine in many games such as "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" and the "Unreal tornament" series. Its graphics are begining to show its age though. Well, now you know...
-- thelambs, Oct 18 2003

This reminds me of what Charlene did in her garden. She had the idea of planting stones, because she didn’t have much luck with the normal things, so she had these enormous rocks brought in. She doesn’t live too far from one of those prehistoric sites, and some stuff went missing there the week before she did her garden, but she said that was a coincidence. Anyway, she planted them in a spiral, and one day I walked it with a tape recorder, saying ‘who-boy’ each time I passed a stone, and then I played it back at a really high speed, and it turned out it was her ATM code.

-- pluterday, Oct 21 2003


Confess that you did this in the buff on a Pluterday!
-- Tiger Lily, Oct 21 2003

I just realized that this is the perfect peripheral for the Mushroom Computing idea.
-- zigness, Apr 25 2004

Crop circles could work too.
-- DesertFox, May 11 2004

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