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Stress ball mouse   (+3)  [vote for, against]
For lostdog

It's a wireless mouse, with a thick squeezable surface. In normal use, it simply provides a comfy grip. Unless you're lostdog, in which case "normal use" means crimson-faced apoplexy, when the mouse's outer layer comes into its own. Not only can you squeeze it in the time-honoured fashion to reduce stress, you can throw the bugger against the wall as hard as you like.

There are plenty of mouse-shaped stress toys, but I can find none that is a functional mouse.
-- friendlyfire, May 05 2003

Punchable monitor http://www.halfbake...Punchable_20Monitor
lostdog's first, understandable, instinct [friendlyfire, Oct 05 2004]

There's hope for lostdog. http://skyways.lib..../nekls/therapy.html
[k_sra, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

This would sell well.
-- phoenix, May 05 2003

I want two. (I may lose one through a window)
-- ato_de, May 05 2003

There are a lot of work/stress relievers cropping up these days. I would like mine to emit a shriek when it hits a solid surface. +
-- k_sra, May 05 2003

So you can train the light on the wall and write out swearwords? Excellent stress-relief technique - duly noted.
-- friendlyfire, May 05 2003

Superb, friendly. Would come in very handy for quelling my rage right now. Do the buttons bulge out if you squeeze it really hard? And if it also emitted tiny, mouselike choking noises as I wrung it's little neck, that would also be nice. Although I'm sure that if I threw it against a wall it would find some theoretically impossible way of bouncing off at just the right angle to come back and hit me in the face. These days all technology seems to conspire against me. Even my toaster gave me a funny look this morning.

As you can perhaps tell, my computer and I have not yet ironed out the "issues" in our relationship. But we are seeking counselling.
-- lostdog, May 05 2003

[k_sra] ...followed by a nice satisfying SPLAT!
-- ton80, May 06 2003

[ton80] After being swung by it's tail.
-- Bugsy, May 14 2003

I had this idea last week, and a search turned this up. So I have to give you a large, very compressible croissant (or an even larger punchable one).

Non toxic would be good, because I'll end up tearing it to shreds with my teeth, no doubt.
-- Detly, Jun 22 2004

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