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CEO costume

The scariest costume of the season. Comes with a CEO face mask (grinning and dollar sign eyes) and elastic handcuffs. Kids, watch your candy sack around this "wrong doer".
-- jackoutofthebox, Oct 30 2002

stupid white men http://www.michaelm...oks-films/index.php
A bestseller by Michael Moore [jackoutofthebox, Oct 04 2004]

Perhaps with a large money sack over the shoulder to hold their bonuses and company pension funds?
-- dare99, Oct 30 2002

Does it come with a fake CV?

If you plan to spend the evening with your friends, they could dress as the Board of Directors. <cue the vigorous nodding of heads and votes of confidence> They could spend the whole evening looking for other men dressed as CEOs so as to gain additional Directorships.
-- slide, Oct 30 2002

Baked. I see people dressed as rich corporate bastards every halloween (NYC). Suits & moneybags.
-- snarfyguy, Oct 30 2002

Okay. I'll see what I can do, or else remove my objection...
-- snarfyguy, Oct 30 2002

I think this would be scary only for the truly unenlightened sheep who believe everything they hear and cannot make a decision on their own.
-- bristolz, Oct 30 2002

It's called humor.
-- jackoutofthebox, Oct 30 2002

The funniest part of it is where you tell the audience that it's humor.
-- bristolz, Oct 30 2002

I read the Help menu and found no rule against political satire inventions. Did I miss it somewhere?

I've added a link. Is there a problem with that?
-- jackoutofthebox, Oct 31 2002

Yes! You did it wrong.
-- bristolz, Oct 31 2002

-- jackoutofthebox, Oct 31 2002

-- bristolz, Nov 01 2002

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