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Stupid accidental Caps Lock likelihood reduction   (+2, -2)  [vote for, against]
(Stupid caps lock, I mean, not stUPID IDEA)

Some blundering prawn has put the CAPS LOCK key adjacent to the A-key; one of the keys with highest use frequency, by the way.

How many person-hours have been lost by the human race due to this moronic decision? I myself must about six times per day at least do a double take, realise I am typing in caps, and have to go back, delete and re-type. This probably takes (average) 10 seconds per incident, one minute per day. Times by 7 billion people, times by 365 days. This is costing humanity therefore an estimated 13,318 years standard time value work every year.

So, instead, change the operation ofthe CAPS LOCK key so that you would have to hit it twice in order to go into CAPS LOCK mode, which is infrequently required anyway. the first tap merely brings up a banner stating 'Tap CAPS LOCK again to enter CAPS LOCK mode.' and if you don't you just don't get CAPS LOCK.
-- bhumphrys, Nov 20 2020

^. <BEEP>ALSO<boop>windows 7
-- FlyingToaster, Nov 20 2020


and i would like this for turning off the Windows StickyKeys popup linked to the Shift key.
-- sninctown, Nov 21 2020

Quite frNKLY i DON'T SEE WHt the problem is. I hVE NEVER CONSIDERED THIS problem T ll in my entire life.
-- pocmloc, Nov 21 2020

Gosh that's a wonderful life hack,thanks [kd], though <ahem> I'm slightly embarrassed about forgetting to google my tetchy winge before posting it. I forgot the First Rule of the halfbakery once again.
-- bhumphrys, Nov 21 2020

No that's the third rule.
-- pocmloc, Nov 21 2020

I dost nye stonde me benythe thy importe
-- pocmloc, Nov 21 2020

He doesn't understand the depth of your etchings.
-- FlyingToaster, Nov 22 2020

slock (plural slocks) An improvised weapon consisting of a padlock placed in a sock, common in prison environments.

Cap Slock could be a low-rent super-hero.
-- AusCan531, Nov 23 2020

Have you considered the person-hours you're losing by not learning how to touchtype?

A side effect would be that you can look at the screen while you type and therefore notice immediately that no 'a' appeared when you thought you hit the A-key.
-- haskell, Nov 23 2020

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