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Subwoofer power level controlled proportional to speed

I have 2 subwoofers in my Jeep Wrangler. They are both 12 inch woofers powered by 600 watts each. They are loud and annoying to anybody else other than my passengers and I. While driving I turn down (or off) the subs while sitting at red lights. I don’t like being that annoying douche that keeps their vehicle “bumping” while idling behind a traffic controller.

The problem is that I also drive a 5 speed. I have limited hands to adjust the radio. Because I only listen to my subs when I’m driving at speed, I propose a system to automate the process. A subwoofer robot.

The “robot” would be turn down the subwoofer level at low speeds and keep it low when at a stop. Afterwards, when you go start going 5 MPH the level returns back to the loud state. I would also like to incorporate a law enforcement detector to turn the system whenever I’m about to drive past one of them.
-- evilpenguin, Jun 12 2007

You mean, like one of these? Automatic_20sound_20level
[coprocephalous, Jun 12 2007]

My old man's Infiniti does this (And from what I can infer from [Galbinus_Caeli]'s annotation in the linked idea, the G35 certainly isn't one of the first Nissan cars to feature this; not even close). The volume level (and therefore subwoofer power) is automatically increased with speed to compensate for road noise, wind noise, etc.

So for all intents and purposes, baked. Well, except for the "robot" part.
-- acurafan07, Jun 12 2007

I don't care if you vote [-] but I BEG YOU TO TELL ME WHY. Back up your vote!
-- evilpenguin, Jun 12 2007

auto-volume is a feature in many GM's as well. When you open the sunroof or windows, the radio turns up a bit to offset the wind noise, when you come to a stop the radio turns down a bit because the audio sensor doesn't read any ambient noise to compensate for.

Idea's totally baked... but don't worry, bones are votes too, and it's all good :)
-- CaptainClapper, Jun 12 2007

//I have limited hands to adjust the radio//
Handy hint: get a steering-wheel mounted remote. Most brands these days have the option. (My Blaupunkt remote is great, except it's broken at the moment...)
-- neutrinos_shadow, Jun 12 2007

TWO bones for having TWO 600 watt subwoofers in your car. [-]

Dang, it seems I can only give you one bone. I'll save the other for your next idea.
-- nuclear hobo, Jun 13 2007

1200 W is very nearly two horsepower. Think what you could do with the extra power, and think how much your ears and bowels would appreciate it, if you turned them off.
-- coprocephalous, Jun 13 2007

a) 600 Watts is probably the PMPO rating, I doubt whether he's running 2X 600W RMS subs

b) MOst stereos of a given wattage rating (RMS) will never actually reach that output. It's useful to monitor the incoming current, or to clamp the leads.

I'd say even if he did have 1200W RMS system, he's never pushed more than 2-300 watts through the speakers.
-- Custardguts, Jun 14 2007

[Custardguts] //he's never pushed more than 2-300 watts through the speakers.// You are correct sir. And I never have my amps set to the maxium output. MAYBE 1/4 the way up. Im not out to impress the outside world with bass, just make my ride more musical....... Les Claypool is GOD.
-- evilpenguin, Jun 15 2007

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