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Business: ATM: PIN
Sudoku PIN   (+5, -4)  [vote for, against]
Here on the HB people love two things: Sudoku, and specialty PIN numbers. Hence the idea to top them all: Sudoku PIN.

Upon your person you carry an almost finished sudoku puzzle. Only 4 more squares need filling in and then you've won! Only this isn't any regular sudoku puzzle, because it will never be finished it is a trick.

Should you ever forget your PIN (which I do, because I don't use my card very often) you quickly remove your sudoku from your pocket, mentally fill in the squares, and there you have it. A safe way to carry your PIN on your person.

Of course, it might be more time-wise to do this before you are standing in front of whatever machine you are using. For some of us, mentally finishing the whole thing won't be neccessary, all we need is to jog our memory with the first couple digits.
-- PollyNo9, Feb 01 2006

yeah but it can get boring...

we love pirates and ninja and custard and lego...
-- po, Feb 01 2006

Oh how could I forget. Unfortunately, I can't think of anyway to incorporate all 5 things into one idea.
-- PollyNo9, Feb 01 2006

magnets, too.
-- daseva, Feb 01 2006

[sleeka] posted an idea about monkey pirates a while ago. It was voted against as cynical vote fishing. This is the same.
-- hidden truths, Feb 02 2006

It's an okay idea. The obvious pandering was much more obvious.
-- jutta, Feb 02 2006

There's a subtle form of obvious pandering now?
-- hidden truths, Feb 02 2006

I wish [sleeka]'s idea about monkey pirates was still around, I would have liked to see the difference in our pandering.

I would have never thought I was pandering though, it wasn't my intention. I was, however, reading the "small piece of paper with 3 4-digit numbers written on it" idea, and was thinking of adding this as an anno, then decided I might as well just make it into an bonafide idea.
-- PollyNo9, Feb 02 2006

Painfully hilarious. 'cept how do you know which number to fill in first? They don't go in any particular order. C'mon, cheer me up, enlighten me.
-- Pac-man, Feb 02 2006

Good question. I guess the original filler-in of the puzzle is the only one who knows. Only makes it more interesting for anyone who thinks they might have the key to your money.
-- PollyNo9, Feb 02 2006

Maybe it doesn't matter, I think alot of theives will have a hard enough time just finishing the puzzle. ("aww crap! Now there's two 7's in this row!!!) I would love watching them try to solve it. It'll look like a monkey trying to screw a football.
-- Pac-man, Feb 03 2006

A fine idea for concealing a PIN hint. For the truely paranoid, the completed puzzle would only be the first clue in a complex mnemonic sequence.

What's yellow and writes?
-- ato_de, Feb 03 2006

[ato] ??
-- PollyNo9, Feb 04 2006

-- Pac-man, Feb 04 2006

[ato-de] So when the Sudoku is complete it gives a number which, when used as a grid reference to look on a map indicates an intersection of two minor roads. The roads turn out to be the A394 and the B3280. Taking the first two letters of each road number gives the PIN.
-- hippo, Feb 04 2006

I detest Sudoku - but I won't hold that against this idea, although no croissant from me.
-- Jinbish, Feb 04 2006

[What's yellow and writes]

A ball point banana
-- normzone, Feb 04 2006

Didn't the man in the big yellow hat have to write curious george a bus pass one time?
-- Pac-man, Feb 06 2006

The lines at some ATM's are long enough already without waiting for people to solve a sudoku before transacting.
-- phundug, Feb 06 2006

//Hence the idea to top them all// "Naked ladies shopping for shoes with naughty monkeys." In my humble opinion.
-- moomintroll, Feb 06 2006

Po, I would like to know at which point Lego gets boring.
-- notmarkflynn, Feb 06 2006

I did say that in the interest of time the whole solving the last 4 numbers thing should be done before you need the numbers.
-- PollyNo9, Feb 07 2006

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