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If you can't beat 'em, eat 'em.

Inspired by the fact that one or two postings have seemed a bit tetchy recently (check aka's profile page).

Modify an old daisy wheel printer to print with food dye onto a well rolled A4 piece of icing (or whatever your favourite semi-solid foodstuff).

Print the halfbaked bits which are causing you grief. Eat whichever annos you don't like the look of, et voila, they're gone forever. Life will taste sweet once more. Simplistic, but yummy.

No matter how hard I try, I can't think of a natural way to work "sugar mice" into this one...
-- Fishrat, Nov 21 2003

Rods - I picture the business end looking a bit like a box of Dairylea Triangles with the lid off? (spelling fixed now though)
-- Fishrat, Nov 21 2003

You can get edible inkjet ink and blank sheets of something edible (mostly used for custom cake designs).

// I can't think of a natural way to work "sugar mice" into this one... //

A mouseful of sugar helps the annotation go down?
-- benjamin, Nov 21 2003

I like the taste of the paper-jam (mmm strawberry). (sorry U.S. - "paper-jelly" doesn't work).
-- dobtabulous, Nov 21 2003

sugar daisies are a really nice concept but I think I would prefer to poison the pretty little things and force-feed the little <insert favourite term of abuse>who upset you in the first place.
-- po, Nov 21 2003

This idea would certainly make business cards much more fun and let you know a lot about the giver. If the card tasts like something disgusting - marzipan, for instance - you'll know not to give them a call for your next project.
-- brackish, Dec 10 2003

"Po's poisonous marzipan" has a ring to it.
-- Fishrat, Dec 11 2003

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