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Sun Screen Vending Machine   (+5)  [vote for, against]
Think car wash plus vending machine but for people who need sunscreen

Don't you hate applying sunscreen to your body several times a day when at the beach? No? Really? Well I do. I can't reach my back adequately and the sunscreen doesn't spread evenly and the kids can't do it themselves so I also have to do it for them... Well, fuss no more, the solution is at hand. Now all the beaches are equipped with a cilindrical automatic machine capable of spraying your exposed body with a sunscreen of your choice. Just enter into the cabin, which is quite similar to one of those full body scanners they have at the airports, select the brand and protection level you wish and pay a small amount of money. Discardable eye protectors will be made available for you and both doors (opposing doors on the cylindrical cabin) will close to avoid wind interference, spread your arms and legs and two robotic arms will systematically and evenly spray the sunscreen all over your exposed skin.

The system is able to detect color differences so to avoid unnecessarily wasting of sunscreen on your bathing suit. Unfortunately it doesn't work so well with colors which are too close to your skin tone. The manufacturer does not take liability over ruined swimwear.
-- PauloSargaco, Sep 13 2013

I would say the body spray booth has been invented.
-- rcarty, Sep 14 2013

SPF spray booths have been invented.
-- daseva, Sep 14 2013

Oh... I see... Oh well.
-- PauloSargaco, Sep 14 2013

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