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Add sunlock to shampoo (or conditioner) to protect your scalp.

I occasionally wander outdoors (from my cube to my car, for instance), and I sunburn easily. Sunblock helps, but I don't like trying to protect my scalp with sunblock because it leaves a greasy mess in my hair, and I don't like wearing hats. Why not add sunblock to shampoo or conditioner so your scalp will be coated with some non-greasy protection?
-- randydarden, May 01 2001

Doesn't your hair protect your scalp?
-- redpony, May 01 2001

funny, my scalp is coated with protection (hair), but it is decidely *greasy*. (I thank my father, he who rubs Saturday morning sawdust on his head)
-- absterge, May 01 2001

randy: use a parasol.
-- mihali, May 01 2001

Those of us who are starting to go bald certainly do notice a tendency to get burned on top. When I'm on the river I sometimes rub regular sunblock on my head, and it makes what's left of my pelt look damned silly. (Not that I mind looking silly in that context, you understand.) Shampoo might not work, but some sort of hair conditioner with PABA added would be a hit with me. Maybe stir in some DEET to keep off the mosquitoes, too.

waugsqueke: I haven't seen this but I'd like to. Any product names spring to mind?
-- Dog Ed, May 01 2001

In water?
-- StarChaser, May 02 2001

I was searching Google to see if this was baked and this Halfbakery posting was the first hit.
So I must churn and bun.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 26 2005

I am thinning on top and prone to serious burnage. A hat often helps, but this would be handy too.
-- wagster, Jul 26 2005

surely you wash shampoo off. so you'd wash the sun block off too?
-- jonplackett, Jul 27 2005

Can I get some sunblock sex lube? [goes off to google, may be baked, knowing this world]
-- normzone, Jul 27 2005

The sunblock would just make your hair greasy, so you have a choice: have greasy hair and unburned skin, or regular, shampooed hair and if you just add sunblock to those parts that are prone to sunburn, nice, unburned skin...
-- froglet, Jul 29 2005

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