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Super stamper/Small space Dater   (+1)  [vote for, against]
A simple self-inking dater that prints Jan. 2nd as ½, rather than 1/2, Jan. 4th as ¼ rather than 1/4, and so on.

I used Œ and Jan. 4 as an example, because there are few figures I can use as an illustration on Halfbakery. I understand that some countries use 4/1 as Jan. 4, so for them maybe Ÿ (April 3 -- March 4 in USA) will describe more fittingly.   Those who work in paperless offices won't get this at all, but for the rest of us who scribble endlessly into Œ"^² boxes:

Some post-recovery subcontracting agency employee who walks around in a new administrative suit feels we overuse the ditto (") when filling text documentation sheets and seems willing to wait out the group's informal extension of time to comply period. What to do ... what to do? Without a labor saving invention, we're going to have an outbreak of writer's cramp (I think the proper legal term is 'carpal tunnel syndrome').

No we don't use stampers currently, but I wish we did. I have to sign my name and date hundreds of times a day and _can_ use a date stamp next to my signature (but doing so takes longer, and requires me to hang one from my wrist or wherever), but our checkoff sheets only provide a small square for [initials] and [month/day] boxes. By way of example, envision your IRS form Schedule D, whereupon the government asks you to list all your stock transactions for to record your change in capital for each transaction. Now envision that you're the account manager for a condominium full of day traders -- you'd want a proper date stamp, which is what I'm wanting.

I propose to devise an update-able, scalable, industry standard self-inking dater with diagonal capstan or wheel movement.
-- reensure, Dec 27 2005

maybe just have a line with 366 dots on it, printed across the page, and you can circle the day in question.
-- neilp, Dec 28 2005

[neilp], a reprogramming, dot matrix, self inking, manual stamper would be one possibility.

We use paper records because we are accountable for even worksheets that log events over days or weeks -- it is impractical to move to totally electronic media. I cannot revise or undo work logged by my coworkers on our current system, and we have no super users with combinatorial privileges to edit Adobe 7 or the like. We have to keep a paper trail for the foreseeable future.
-- reensure, Dec 28 2005

In the form of a signet ring? With a markable date code around the outside edge?
-- humanbean, Dec 30 2005

[humanbean], post it and I will praise it. Build it and I will buy it.

I figured that every year I write the equivalent of a short novel in signatures and dates. [+]
-- normzone, Dec 30 2005

Sorry, I was referring to the medieval use of signet rings instead of a signature. Many of these had markings around the outside edge, which could be ticked off with a quill pen, much easier that writing a date and waiting for it to dry.

Tell me, would a simplistic shape code do for the date?
-- humanbean, Dec 30 2005

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