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Superficial Star Factory   (+2, -4)  [vote for, against]
Where Britney and N*SYNC REALLY came from...

A factory designed to produce remotely talented superficially beautiful human beings. Is run by a team of maniacal supervillians and teaches orphans imported from 3rd world countries to dance strangely and act slightly suggestive. When they reach the age of 14, they are sent out into the world after receiving a series of plastic surgeries *COUGH COUGH* *ahem*. The supervillians are immensely rich and have also monopolized such companies as frito-lay, target, disney, microsoft, and mc.donalds.
-- youngwizard14, Aug 05 2002

Baked http://www.thestage...owto/advice04.shtml
The Sylvia Young Theatre School has given us members of All Saints, The Spice Girls, Five and S Club 7. [pottedstu, Aug 06 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

cheiron studios a.k.a. the hit factory
produced the likes of britney, backstreet, nsync, et al.
r.i.p. denniz pop [mihali, Aug 06 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

I think you broke the most ideas in one day record. Good job. And //slightly suggestive//? Hm. Brings Britney "I want to have sex with you" Spears to mind.
-- watermelancholy, Aug 05 2002

SO- Any plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills?
-- Mr Burns, Aug 05 2002

wm: 3 ideas in one day in no way constitutes a record. Though the overall lack of quality is right in line with previous attempts at this record.
-- DrCurry, Aug 05 2002

Baked. Up to and including the supervillains (the clueless but powerful Ayandarrman).
-- calum, Aug 05 2002

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