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Business: Supermarket: Checkout
Supermarket Checkout Game: "On my list or not?"   (+8, -4)  [vote for, against]
"would you like to play a game?"

To play, when your groceries get to the checker, you simply say, "Would you like to play, 'was it on my list?' you just have to guess which things in my group were on my list and which are not..."

as they guess, you say, "ding" for correct answers and, "sorry" for wrong ones.

With scanners it sounds like: BEEP, on?, sorry, BEEP, not on?, ding, BEEP...

I've tested it and it takes but a moment for the checker to pick up that it is an innocent game and to play along...
-- DadManWalking, Dec 13 2004

for thos in a bad mood... Grocery_20Sniping
Shameless plug for other, somewhat related idea [DadManWalking, Jan 28 2005]

'ding! - security!'
-- benfrost, Dec 13 2004

Ok [BenFrost] it does require an unthreatening presence.

I'm also not sure how to monitize it either... official score cards like Yahtzee!?
-- DadManWalking, Dec 13 2004

This goes great with the "Throw stuff into other people's carts" game.
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Dec 13 2004

Reading through a receipt the other day I found a real downside to the game: the checker picked up some jars from the scanned pile to say "these were not on your list" and then as I laughed and said, "yes they are!" he, in auto- pilot mode re-scanned the jars...

But the upside was that when the misses went in the next time and asked for a refund they remembered the game and claimed to enjoy it.
-- DadManWalking, Dec 20 2004

well, since they enjoyed it, then go for it & thanks for sharing. Just keep it optional and wear a friendly demeanor. I guess with some plugins we could also play this game with the auto/self checkout that's popping up everywhere around here (silicon valley), but that wouldn't be any fun.
-- sophocles, Dec 21 2004

this game is baked, I saw a complete nutter doing it only the other day... nice work [DadMan] (+).
-- neilp, Dec 21 2004

perhaps staff could have badges showing their competence (or otherwise) at the game.
-- neilp, Dec 21 2004

Oh I like that, [neilp] but here in the early days I think I need to work out the par system. Sometimes I am in a hurry and stick to the list very closely and other times not, especially when a meal idea strikes while in the store. So I'm going to add a disclosure before they start guessing, i.e. there is an extra meal in there or I'm going to a party or just, this is a par 3 batch.
-- DadManWalking, Jan 02 2005

If this game can be adapted to a full-contact version, count me in.

If I catch the ass with 10 times the amount of stuff required for the express aisle playing this game, both the customer and the cashier are getting a frozen butterball to the head.
-- jaxmeier, Jan 30 2005

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