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Moulding to your body

I am a big fan of the look of bench seats - they are long and comfortable and just bring back thoughts of when cars were loved.

The problem is that a bench seat does not give support in areas that you need, making you sore after a long jounrney. This includes moulding around the thighs, waist and shoulders. You could pre-mould the bench seat but that would make it lumpy and pointless, you might as well have a bucket seat.

The idea - A bench seat made from inch wide modules. When you sit down and start the engine pressure pads in these modules detect where you are sitting and move the modules up to form around your thighs and in from the back to support your waist and shoulders. When you stop the engine they move back to their original position to retain the quality look of the car.
-- miasere, Aug 15 2007

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This can all be summed up by Cake. [Noexit, Aug 16 2007]

I don't think a active seat cousin would be a cost effective method. I could see it adding a few $1000 to the car just for the seats. Maybe some of these passive materials that form to the person would work for those who have a tender ass. (i wouldn't want to know why)
-- F_R_O_G, Aug 16 2007

Bench seats are not for sitting.
-- noncompliance, Aug 16 2007

completely, overly, flagrantly super-complicated.

pastry to you Sir
-- evilpenguin, Aug 16 2007

Hey, [F_R_O_G], I bet an active seat cousin would be very popular down south...
-- globaltourniquet, Aug 16 2007

The problem with bench seats is that you slide all over the place. For that reason bench seats have come to be associated with cars that are not expected to go around corners. Now, if you introduce sensors and active systems and the rest of it, all you're achieving is lateral support that automatically and actively yields precisely when you need it not to yield.

If you are enamoured of perfidious electronics, how about linking the action of your inch-wide modules to a lateral accelerometer? Then it's a plain bench most of the time, but it turns itself into buckets as soon as you start to pile on the Gs.
-- Ned_Ludd, Aug 16 2007

Ah, the bench seat. For putting an arm around your honey, for a quick nap (or whatever you do lying down) & for simplicity of construction and re-upholstery, this plain seat is not exceeded.

Buckets have an advantage in terms of crash protection and lateral support.

How about armrests/lateral supports that fold down or up in similar way to bus or airplane armrests? Actually, my old chevy truck has just that, they are great.

Or, the bench seat made from a few larger modules, with manually reconfigurable & locking positioning of the modules? Adjust until it fits..
-- afinehowdoyoudo, Aug 16 2007

You could build in a vibra-massage function to ease the strains of a long journey. I'd get one for my '76 Chrysler !
-- Hairy Sock, Aug 16 2007

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