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Taking birthdays back to childhood

Well, it is kind of baked, ( I had one recently) but imagine the scene...
Popping round to a friends house for a quick pre "What shall we do for my Birthday?" coffee, you are ushered into the front room where lo and behold the room is strewn with balloons friends and sweets and candy that you havent seen in such amounts since you were six! Tunnocks Tea Cakes, Flumps, Jungle Chocolate Biscuits, Chocolate Fingers, Iced frosty things, Lemonade in abundance and "pass the parcel", a good old fashioned (impromptu nonethless, as the equipment happens to be lying nearby.. loaded!) water fight, a game of Pink Conjurer, basically a 5 year olds party for an adult with all the fun combined...
I am fully prepared to have this idea stomped on in a baked/bad idea fashion but i am sticking to my guns here.. if we all had a party like this once in a while I think we would all feel maturely childish :)
In short Surprise Retro-Birthday Parties for all!
-- The_Englishman_Abroad, Jul 17 2002

The Flumps http://www.80snosta...m/classictv/flumps/
For that miserable old git, waugsqueke. Stop sulking in the corner there boy! Come and have some ice cream with the rest of us. [DrBob, Jul 18 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

You mean people generally stop having those kind of birthday parties?
-- -alx, Jul 17 2002

I cant believe I forgot the cake bliss! (preferably with luminous and/or bilious coloured icing!) and possibly with a surpride cookie in the middle.
-- The_Englishman_Abroad, Jul 17 2002

Clowns.. it's gotta have clowns. And a magic show!
-- Mr Burns, Jul 17 2002

Had a great cake for my last birthday - proper kid's aeroplane shaped with the icing exceeding the blissmiss specification. Superb.
-- drew, Jul 17 2002

<dream sequence> Of course, in a near Perfect world Kermit would be there too as the surprise guest of honour .... </dream sequence>
-- The_Englishman_Abroad, Jul 17 2002

Or you could stop wallowing in nostalgia and just have children and do it for real. I have children aged 4 and 6, which means that I both go to and host a fair number of parties of this type.
-- hippo, Jul 17 2002

Am I missing something here bliss? Why for you hate my cake?
-- drew, Jul 17 2002

drew, blissmiss dost loveth thine cake, its the bone we were talking about,
hippo... the point of the party is that there arent any children there.... just adults being childlike and having silly fun... good lord having children there would spoil the essence of the retro party! anyway this isnt something that should be overdone. it should happen infrequently enough to still be exciting!
-- The_Englishman_Abroad, Jul 17 2002

Genius! This page shall be emailed to as many friends I can muster (or bribe). My birthday is not too far away and, after reading this, I demand jelly and ice-cream. If I don't get them I will skweeem!
-- Jinbish, Jul 17 2002

Ta very much! I shall remain silent on the t-r-o-l-l subject lest,in a ironically bitter twist of fate, my own HB Kangaroo court idea springs to life to convict me.
-- Jinbish, Jul 18 2002

Sounds positively dreadful. What are Flumps?
-- waugsqueke, Jul 18 2002

Flumps are marshmallowy type sweets, very nice in a kind of odd way.
-- kaz, Jul 18 2002

I want:
whipped egg-white cookies from the bakery,
frosted cupcakes with sprinkles,
those giant lollipops that you only see at carnivals and amusement parks,
those roll-up tootie horns,
Jelly Bellies,
a moon-walker,
silly party hats of all sorts,
and strawberry yellow cake with mounds of frosting and edible decorations on top!

Too bad my birthday's not for 5 months.
-- XSarenkaX, Jul 18 2002

A couple of friends of mine share their birthday so they throw a joint bash every year, always on a different theme. (This year it was, of course, Jubilee-themed - come as your favourite Queen... or dressed for the revolution. I went as Malcolm McDowell from If... natch.) Anyhoo, a few years back some of the guest with weans wouldn't have been able to make the party proper so they split it into two, an afternoon "kids" party in the park with jelly and ice cream, and an evening party on a Tarantino theme, special prize for anyone coming as the Gimp. I must say, three-legged races are a great ice-breaker for any party. Much jollity was had by all.
-- Guy Fox, Jul 18 2002

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