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Sushi train art   (0)  [vote for, against]
The art just rolls on by....

Kinda like the trolley art idea (see links) but on a smaller scale. The advantages I see are:

1. No more tired feet. Taking in all the levels of a large art gallery can be an extreme sport.

2. Make sure you've seen all that's on display

3. No bottlenecks in crowds/movement, just pull up an empty stool.

4. Refreshments could be served... well... sushi train style!

I think sushi train shopping might work for someone as lazy as me, too!
-- not_only_but_also, Nov 26 2003

Trolley art http://www.halfbake...ley_20art_20gallery
Like this, but indoors. [not_only_but_also, Oct 17 2004]

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