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Sweat Off/Cream On   (+1)  [vote for, against]
One wipe to remove sweat and apply suntan lotion

I can't be the only person who puts on sun protection lotion and within an hour or so (or less depending on the humidity)I've sweated it all off. So I wipe down with a face wipe or flannel/towel and then reapply the cream.

What I am proposing is one wipe whereby one side removes sweat and the other side delivers sun protection lotion - in a variety of protection factors of course.
-- lolo, Feb 05 2004

Won't sweat off in an hour.
Works great. Trust a fair-skinned redhead living in "The Valley of the Sun". [half, Oct 04 2004]

AloeGator http://www.enlmedic...Gator/AloeGator.htm
[kbecker, Oct 04 2004]

One side wipes off sweat while the other side lotions your palm. Not very practical.
-- k_sra, Feb 05 2004

The Aloe Gator 40+ (link) doesn't come off either, but the application takes some getting used to. You can actually use it to "draw" pictures on your skin for nice summer effects.
-- kbecker, Feb 05 2004

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