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Tea bags which have sugar in them too.

For builders, mechanics, soldiers, plasterers, roadworkers, and children, who like sweet tea and don't want the hassle of having to add sugar as well.

OK, it's not a major problem, but it's something else to add to the halfbakery melange.
-- Jim, Jan 22 2001

novelTeabags idea http://www.halfbake...m/idea/novelTeabags
Other halfbakery entry that this idea sprang from. [Jim, Jan 22 2001]

"Not a major problem," sure, but your solution is welcome nonetheless. Personally, I'd like a self-dissolving honey capsule located inside the tea-bag. (A lemon capsule wouldn't be bad, but freshness is an obvious obstacle...)
-- iuvare, Jan 22 2001

Eventually someone would prepare tea with my 'bag o bay leaves' and put a hurtin on me, so instead of adding more novel ingredients, could the placement of the STRING be refined to wring out the bag rather than just suspend it for easy location and removal?
-- reensure, Jan 22 2001

The string already does just that on some tea bags, can't remember the brand at the moment, let you know next time I've been to sainsbury's. The last lot I had that did it were a revolting strawberry tea, so it's no sign of quality.
-- Jim, Jan 22 2001

You can do that with any stringed tea bag:

1. Lift bag by string
2. Lay bag in spoon
3. Wrap string around bag and spoon several times
4. Pull string tight to wring bag
-- PotatoStew, Jan 23 2001

According to the "expert" tea drinkers I know, you should never wring out you teabag. It will make your tea more bitter.
-- blahginger, Jan 23 2001

I seem to smuck it up by holding the bag, wrapping the string around that a time or two and pulling the string through the tines of a fork. When ? arise, "Go back to what you were thinking."
-- reensure, Jan 23 2001

PeterSealy: You can avoid getting the teabag string and tag drawn in by slipping the tag through the handle of your cup, wrapping it once if you are really fussy.

How about attaching the string to the INSIDE BOTTOM of the bag and then slipped out through the top of the bag? Then you could wring the bag by sliding your fingers down the string from the top of the bag toward the bottom, like some modern mops.
-- lee, Jan 24 2001

Yeah, there's already drawstring tea. Pretty neat, but I have a problem with any water dripping on the floor as I take my used bag to the trash, so I usually squeeze it with my spoon anyway.

As for pushing it down with your fingers: hot, messy. I don't like to touch my beverages before drinking them.

To keep the string out, I like to use a travel mug, on which i can replace the cap, thus keeping the tea hot while it steeps, in addition to keeping the string dry.
-- DreamGoddess, Feb 02 2001

Thats a really good idea, i just thought of it today while drinking some crappy tea.
-- rascalraidex, Apr 21 2008

In a fit of anal-retentive boredom I mixed up a kilo or so of instant coffee, sugar and coffee-whitener (1:1:1); a tablespoon of the resulting mixture along with the hot water from my water cooler(/heater) makes instant instant coffee.

For those mornings when you seriously can't be arsed to wake up at all.
-- FlyingToaster, Apr 22 2008

-- wagster, Apr 22 2008

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