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Extreme Water Sport

I have heard that many vacationers pay a lot of money to go swimming with dolphins. I then heard that the Extreme Sport crowd decided that swimming with Sharks was a much bigger thrill. Now for those hard-core adventure seekers there is Swimming with Chainsaws.

The Chainsaws are suspended above the water, so only the blade is submersed. A waterproof shield is installed to protect the engine. The saws are hung from a large conveyer belt that makes an oval when completed.There is also a figure 8, ziz-zag and random twist. The saws are all gassed up and ready to go. The saws are started and the Extreme swimmer jumps in and must swim, slalom style, between the running blades. If one really enjoys this and feels this is not yet enough of a challenge, some Pit Bulls will be randomly thrown into the mix. There are no prizes or awards………the thrill is enough, n’est pas?
-- xandram, Jan 05 2006 which point Lara Croft throws her butler in to test the water...
-- skinflaps, Jan 05 2006

Swimming with diseased cuttlefish? With laser beams attached to their heads?
-- justaguy, Jan 05 2006

Thought this was going to be a Kevin Costner movie about a clumsy lumberjack.
-- coprocephalous, Jan 05 2006

With music by Randy Newman.
-- justaguy, Jan 05 2006

All you have to do is put on a wetsuit and fins and go swimming off La Jolla on any warm, sunny weekend. No brain is required to operate a powerboat. Freediving off our coast is akin to crossing a busy highway, regardless of how many flags or bouys you post.
-- normzone, Jan 05 2006

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