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Halfbakery: Meeting
Sydney Halfcon   (+4)  [vote for, against]

[hazel] and I are in Sydney, then Adelaide, then Melbourne over the next few weeks... anyone fancy a meet up?

Drop me an email - address on my user page.
-- jonthegeologist, Jan 16 2007

will you be passing through Canberra?
-- xaviergisz, Jan 16 2007

I'll be in Sydney... let's have it.
-- neilp, Jan 16 2007

We could even meet via the internet, in a text format, and share our ideas!
-- normzone, Jan 16 2007

[normzone] Y'big dill. Made me laugh.

I'm always v. jealous of all these halfcon thingummies. Is anyone else in Germany or even in mainland Europe?
-- squeak, Jan 16 2007

I occupied the same volume of space that is currently occupied by someone in Germany (maybe you?) about one hour ago, due to the earth's rotation.

As soon as I can figure out how to stay still instead of being dragged around this twenty four hour treadmill then I will come and visit you. Or more accurately, you will come and visit me.
-- wagster, Jan 17 2007

Or visa versa.
-- skinflaps, Jan 17 2007

[wagster] - did you take into account the Earth's rotation around the Sun? - and indeed, the Solar System's rotation around the galactic hub?
-- hippo, Jan 17 2007

I decided to take the centre of the earth as my point of reference, as there is no absolute point of reference in space. Earth centre is no more nor less valid than the sun's or the galaxy's. The only valid centre of the universe is MEEEEE!
-- wagster, Jan 17 2007

Gee, [wags], that's sweet of you. Perhaps I should just stop moanin', get up of my arse and go to the next London <involuntary shudder> halfcon.
-- squeak, Jan 17 2007

i'm in sydney at the moment let me know when you're in town.. i met up with petersealy in new york last month. was soooo awesome.
-- benfrost, Jan 19 2007

benfrosticons usually are!
-- methinksnot, Jan 19 2007

//Perhaps I should just stop moanin', get up of my arse and go to the next London <involuntary shudder> halfcon.// - Same goes for me. And I live in London.
-- wagster, Jan 20 2007

I've not made it to one yet, and I would like to. Sydney might be a step too far for a first try.
-- david_scothern, Jan 20 2007

Need plane fare and the secret handshake for this year. (Claire and dustbin know it, but aren't tellin)!
-- blissmiss, Jan 21 2007

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