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Tachometer for the drive wheels   (+3)  [vote for, against]
a meter that measures the rpm's of the drive wheels.

This is meant for those who like to know more about what their car is doing and be more in control.
-- BJS, Nov 30 2006

(The manual car I drive doesn't even have a tachometer for the engine...)
-- BJS, Nov 30 2006

Isn't that called a speedometer?
-- discontinuuity, Dec 01 2006

Not quite. The spedometer only measures the rotation of the drive wheels, and many times, only one of them. I would also like to see something like that on my car. I'm not sure how many times it would come in handy for normal street driving, but for off-roaders and rock crawlers, I think it could definitely end up being worth the trouble to make one. [+]
-- Hunter79764, Dec 01 2006

The 07 Acura MDX has a similar idea. It shows % engine torque per each drive wheel... A wheel tachometer would be a neat thing to view during turns or when there is a loss of traction (ie: only one wheel spinning) [+] as long as it is mounted somewhere not taking up more space in front of the steering wheel. Heads up display maybe?
-- acurafan07, Dec 01 2006

This could be done by using the anti-lock brake sensors on each wheel: count the pulses.
-- Ling, Dec 01 2006

Why are you that concerned on the road 90% of the time the wheels at going the same speed.
-- dev45, Dec 01 2006

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