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Product: Packaging
Tape Handle   (+4, -2)  [vote for, against]
Stick a handle on your toilet paper.

When grocery shopping, if an item is too large and/or you don't want another bag, these plastic tape handles with two sticky ends would easily be taped on the top or sides for easy carrying.
-- Giblet, Jul 09 2007

Alternative hi-tech solution http://images.jupit.../60/77/22617760.jpg
[Ling, Jul 09 2007]

tape handles http://products3.3m...Handler/output_html
have seen these for years from 3M [cblunds, Jul 09 2007]

A gallon jug of water I often buy with a strong plastic handle went to this mode of handle recently. I wondered about the decision at the corporate level to do that.
-- normzone, Jul 09 2007

You'd think that a handle would be incorporated into the packaging itself.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 09 2007

+ I like it, esp. for things they decide do not need a bag, because they aren't the ones who have to carry everything into the house.
I have seen plastic handles with loops for carrying a bunch of bags at one time. Just hope your tape handles will hold.
-- xandram, Jul 09 2007

The last thing we need are more long chain polymers. Get a canvas utility bag. [-]
-- nuclear hobo, Jul 09 2007

I have seen these for years for large bulky items that do not fit well in bags. See 3M link, may be marketed by others as well.
-- cblunds, Jul 09 2007

Got to go with [NH] on this one.
-- nomocrow, Jul 09 2007

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