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Sport: Golf: Driving Range
Target practice driving range   (+5)  [vote for, against]
More fun than aiming for a silly flag

Going to a golfing driving range to hit a few golf balls is great stress relief. It's especially fun to try to hit the heavy-duty vehicle that drives around on the range picking up all the golf balls. So why not expand on this?

I propose a driving range where there are many breakable objects placed throughout the range. Ceramic vases and glass windows. Old junker cars and TV sets. Get that extra satisfaction that only the crash and crunch of destruction can bring as you whack a golfball through the windshield of a VW minibus.

Of course, with all these objects strewn about, it would be hard for a machine to drive through and pick up the loose golf balls. So instead, a guy dressed in a suit of armor should patrol the range picking up the golf balls. Of course, you can aim for him also...
-- PotatoStew, Dec 01 2000

Monster Garage: Golf Ball Collector
TV show here in U.S. built a ball collecting vehicle for this range. It shoots back! [krelnik, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

You could sell special golf balls with a small explosive device inside them. First impact arms it, second impact detonates it.

Oh, no! I can't believe I just suggested an "Exploding XYZ" idea.
-- beauxeault, Dec 01 2000

I never thought about golf, but I've thought about an agression "room" or a place that you can just go to break stuff--just to get rid of the excess andgry energy in a directed non-harmful way.
-- ElectraSteph, Dec 01 2000

beauxeault, I actually like the exploding golfball idea... it seems like the most appropriate use of an explosion out of all the "XYZs" so far. We'd have to do away with the armored golfball-picker-upper guy though.
-- PotatoStew, Dec 02 2000

I think the exploding golfballs would do away with him just fine.
-- bookworm, Dec 02 2000

About a year ago the kid who drives the ball-picker-upper gizmo at our local driving range got creative and painted a big bulls-eye on the side. About two weeks later management made him paint it over because every golfer on the range was aiming at the vehicle and causing all sorts of problems. But it was fun while it lasted.
-- coaster, Feb 10 2001

Don't gun ranges often put interesting targets out there for people to shoot at?
-- egnor, Feb 11 2001

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