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Stealth within car parks

Tarmac tent consists of a : Grey/white and black camouflaged portable canvas shelter and a miniature pneumatic t' p' Gun contained within a pocket within the backpack..

By utilizing a provided mini pneumatic tent peg gun (mptpg) ,approach car park, climb wall and release tent, poles and pegs from pack onto tarmac.

Grip mptpg like a toy gun.

Hammer the pegs through the canvas hooks and rings attached to the ground and fly sheet all the way through Into the tarmac with the mptpg, construct and insert thin tent poles.

Tarmac tent is now submerged and camouflaged within the darkness of the car park.

Climb inside, Inflate hood bed :(gas driven gonflable head rest)....sleep till dawn..zzz
-- skinflaps, Aug 26 2004

"Do you want fries with that tarmac?"
-- FarmerJohn, Aug 26 2004

Just marry bubu
-- swimr, Aug 26 2004

...sleep till woken by tractor trailer crushing legs. Um, no thanks...

A long, long time ago, I was reading a book of shopping center architecture which included a Californian car park with "ghost" cars that had been buried under the tarmac, leaving car-shaped bumps. That was pretty neat, and I guess somehing like the effect you are striving for.
-- DrCurry, Aug 26 2004

[ bwv61] I was thinking maybe for escaping from a rain drenched muddy field at a music festival.
-- skinflaps, Aug 27 2004

How do you stop people parking on top of you?
-- st3f, Aug 27 2004

Carry a No Parking sign.
-- skinflaps, Aug 27 2004

That'd do it.
-- st3f, Aug 27 2004

I could 'av done with one of these for Glastonbury.
-- murder, Aug 27 2004

[bwv61] as earlier mentioned I invision this when the ground is a trench of wet soil and a area of tarmac is an availiable option,road cones could be a option though.
-- skinflaps, Aug 27 2004


You've got something on your back you can use to bury a tent under the tarmac?

I think you should just make the top of the tent look like a fire hydrant.
-- ye_river_xiv, Jul 17 2009

hey.. aren't car-parks the favorite hunting ground of all the creepiest thieves, rapists, and murderers that your mom & CNN warned you about?
-- afinehowdoyoudo, Jul 17 2009

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