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Someone was talking with my parents about her tattoos, when I thought that in a couple years those tattoos will be wrinkly old skin, and that tattoos only exist while you are alive, because the skin and tissue degrade over time when you're dead. That gave me a thought, what if you could put a tattoo on your bones? The lady who was talking about her tattoos said she wanted her fathers birth and death dates on them. Engraving the name, the birth and death dates on the bones would be very helpful for archaeologists, doing research on distasters, or history (Duh).

Thoughts, and criticisms anyone?
-- EvilPickels, Jul 16 2006

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'nuf said
[Klaatu, Jul 18 2006]

Alien RFID Technology
I *knew* that aliens were behind RFID [MoreCowbell, Jul 18 2006]

"I woz 'ere"
-- po, Jul 16 2006

Well, I don't know about tattooing on bones, but in terms of *helping* the archaelogists out, I have done that in another way.

I live high on a hill about 68 miles inland of the Atlantic Ocean. For many years I have been bringing shells from the ocean and scattering them in places on my property. I figure in hundreds of years from now someone will pronouce that the ocean was up here....
-- xandram, Jul 16 2006

In some years the ocean just might be where you live [xandram].
-- methinksnot, Jul 16 2006

This gives me the idea to tattoo my soul.
-- nihilo, Jul 17 2006

[xandram] //I figure in hundreds of years from now someone will pronouce that the ocean was up here....// with global warming now advancing at an exponential rate, you won't have to wait that long, unless you live in America, where global warming does not exist.

As for the bone tattoos - I like the word "distasters".
-- xenzag, Jul 17 2006

Firstly, you can't see them. Secondly, I bet this would be excruciatingly painful. Thirdly, doesn't the bone tissue change and regrow constantly, making any tatoos on the vanish quickly?
-- dbmag9, Jul 17 2006

[methinksnot] and [xenzag] I have often thought of that, besides I have also dreamed many times that the ocean was across the street from my house!

And you know, the idiots here finally admitted last week that Global Warming does exist!!!
-- xandram, Jul 17 2006

Or you could tattoo your brain. Wait a moment...
-- DrCurry, Jul 17 2006

what are you talking about [xandram]? there's no such thing as global warming! besides, it can't touch us in our reality proof bubbles.
-- tcarson, Jul 17 2006

Bones usually decompose with enough time. If you really want to help the archaeologists, save yourself a lot of pain, and do some ceramic projects.

If you want a tattoo to last forever, just have your body tossed in a bog before you die. Your bones will all dissappear, but your flesh will become fine tanned leather.
-- ye_river_xiv, Jul 17 2006

surely bone is more enduring than flesh?
-- po, Jul 17 2006

I can see doing this at birth on a place where the skin is thin like a shin or ankle. But that line of thinking is more for identification purposes. What is the life span of an RFID chip? Whould that outlast the flesh and bones?

I want my tatto to say, "If you are reading this I am gone...."
-- MoreCowbell, Jul 17 2006

Or like Spike Milligan's epitaph: "I told you I hadn't been well."
-- phlogiston, Jul 17 2006

great lyric for a song though, maybe some tom waits kinda styles, i'll get right on it.
-- greyfiend, Jul 18 2006

//Or you could tattoo your brain. Wait a moment...//

Zaphod Beeblebrox, anyone?
-- DesertFox, Jul 18 2006


I'm not arguing Xenzag, but have you got any (reputable) evidence that global warming is "advancing at an exponential rate"?? I was of the understanding that we only had empirical data on global warming? (The fact that it is all rather shaky notwithstanding)… Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for reducing emissions, pollution etc, but I just can’t stand pseudo-science.

The theories say that it’s advancing, and predict exponential increases, but the fact of the matter is that no one has been able to match any data to any models yet, because at this stage the effects are below the scale of natural variations…

Please, please feel free to correct me. With evidence.
-- Custardguts, Jul 18 2006

I was always under the impression that carbon emissions were increasing at an exponential rate since the onset of the Industrial Revolution but that the rise in global temperature has not correlated perfectly. However, the real issue is that the Gulf Stream, off the eastern coast of North America, is slowing down. The freezing of sea water in the North Atlantic creates very dense overly-salted water which sinks to the ocean floor, thus drawing more water up to fill its void. It is the only density-driven current known on the planet and it drives the circulation of water throughout the world. If it stops then Western Europe and the North Eastern US (and SE Canada) will get considerably colder without the countinuous influx of warmer tropical water. Regardless, it is a system of perpetual motion, and as it keeps going, it only gets worse. I have not done much research into the subject to decide whether or not it is entirely dependent on human activity but I do believe our actions are certainly propagating this increasing dilema.

Odd: A discussion on bones has prompted a global warming debate.
-- The Acrimonious Obfuscator, Jul 18 2006

CustardGuts : I think you might be mistaken in your use of the word "empirical". It doesn't mean bad or shaky, it means "Derived from observation or experiment". Essentially the opposite of theoretical or modeling data.

The problem with determining whether something is 'reputable' is quite tricky when there are powerful lobbies against. There is a famous image (google "hockey stick graph") which attempts to integrate the various data available. There have been various critiques of it based on the analysis. But I think it is incontestable that the temperature has risen progressively over the last hundred years - for which there are instrumental data.
-- Loris, Jul 18 2006

[The A O] It's my fault the discussion turned to this... me and my darn shells.... I have always wanted a palm tree growing in my front yard, in Massachusetts, without having to move to Florida....
-- xandram, Jul 18 2006

I would have to agree with <dbmag9>. Over time, bone loss and regeneration would tend to obscure the tattoo. Maybe there could be a posthumous tattoo service? That would make the pain a non-issue and would ensure that your bone tattoo would be clearly read when someone from another planet comes to explore and find out what killed off the major species from the planet. [+]
-- Klaatu, Jul 18 2006

// Over time, bone loss and regeneration would tend to obscure the tattoo. //

RFID, Baby! Shoot one o those suckers right into the bone! Pop! Done. Bring on the alien RFID readers! (Actually Alien RFID is a real company...see link)
-- MoreCowbell, Jul 18 2006

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