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Food: Tea
Tea Creamer   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Shots of flavored non dairy creamer designed with tea in mind

Flavored creamers that come in jasmine, rosehip, wild berries or any other suitable flavor.
-- sartep, Jul 01 2003

PG Tips chimps. Do you know the piana is on my foot? http://media.guardi...7492,933093,00.html
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Douglas knew his stuff http://onegoodmove....archive/000492.html
For all the uninitiated [squeak, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Are you addicted to caffeine? http://www.davesite...r/caffeine/quiz.php
[DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

You put creamer in a fruit tea?
-- angel, Jul 01 2003

-- squeak, Jul 01 2003

I don't normally but now you can with this new product.
-- sartep, Jul 01 2003

Tea with cornflour?
-- suctionpad, Jul 01 2003

Obviously sartep drinks tea to <cringe> satisfy thirst. Tea is not a beverage, it is a ritual. It is an experience. It is a tiny island of calm amid the hectic daily ... oh, you get the idea.

sartep, next time you go shopping for tea take a good look at ALL the shelves and you'll see why you are getting so many fishies. There are already more flavours of tea than you can shake a stick at (BTW, exactly what does one hope to achieve by the shaking of sticks?)
-- Canuck, Jul 01 2003

Don't listen to these naysayers, [sartep], they're stuck in the past. Cream is good in anything. Imagine some of the combinations you could have, like mint creamer in lemon tea, etc. It's time to shed the bogus purist and ritualistic facade surrounding tea and reveal it for what it is: weakly flavored hot water in desperate need of bulking up to a drink robust enough to make the time taken to make it worthwhile.
-- bristolz, Jul 01 2003

tea = leaves, not fruit.
-- po, Jul 01 2003

Time to leave it behind.
-- bristolz, Jul 01 2003

I suppose its what you are used to. I couldn't start my day without a cup of proper tea, a little milk and no sugar. (PG Tips)
-- po, Jul 01 2003

Actually, for me, the thought of milk or sugar in tea is pretty icky. That stuff I wrote earlier? I changed my mind. I know, I know . . . I rarely do that.
-- bristolz, Jul 01 2003

hey, bris - those little chimps could not be wrong.
-- po, Jul 01 2003

So, the mouth-breathing, coffee-swilling, knuckle-dragging contingent has made its presence felt in the form of [bristolz], and his puny attempts to incite tea-drinkers across the bakery are woefully inept. bris, my friend, taking the time to make the tea is part of its charm. The aroma, the anticipation, the first taste, all contribute to the tea experience.

Your argument is weakly-flavoured and reeks of a barely-concealed coffee addiction driving you to lash out at other beverages in order to defend your craving for your next hit of java. Is there a Coffee Drinkers Anonymous chapter nearby?

<removes tongue from cheek and calmly sips Earl Grey tea>
-- Canuck, Jul 01 2003

Heh. You have described me to a tea, well save for one small detail: I'm a "her" not a "his."
-- bristolz, Jul 01 2003

Earl Grey makes me sick.
-- po, Jul 01 2003

Hmm. You must be allergic to hot water.
-- bristolz, Jul 01 2003

So, [sartep], is this creamer tea-flavored? Or just flavored? I imagine a creamer that you pour into boiling water for that *perfect* cup of pre-fab tea.
-- k_sra, Jul 01 2003

po: tried Lady Grey? My own preference is Darjeeling.
-- DrCurry, Jul 01 2003

Canuck has had one too many Earl Grey. he is so laid back, he is horizontal.

Lady Grey, does that taste flowery?
-- po, Jul 01 2003

Touch of lemon, if anything.
-- DrCurry, Jul 01 2003

Actually, I'm highly amused by this discussion. Well, I have to thank Bris for defending something even if the arguement is against her personal opinions.

I was considering creamers that could be fully tea in themselves, K_sra. Which is why I have Jasmine and rosehip flavors. However, they can add a nice flavor to something else.

Let's call a tea a tea here. Some don't need any milk or sugar, like green tea or toasted barley tea, good jasmine tea and petrushka can go either way and that mass produced flavorless crap you get in a regular little tea bag needs everything you can throw at it.

If you liked that one UnaBubba, you'll love the fact that I am considering baking a creamer to go with Guinness Beer.
-- sartep, Jul 01 2003

-- sartep, Jul 01 2003

Give me a nice strong cup of PG Tips, two sugars and lots of milk. Non of this fancy-schmancy creamer rubbish.

Hey, I was thinking of visiting America soon, does anybody know when they are having the next tea party in Boston?
-- silverstormer, Jul 01 2003

Actually, in Boston, you can visit that ship and throw a crate overboard to see what it would have felt like. Its near the computer museum which is a better reason to visit that area.
-- sartep, Jul 01 2003

Bristolz and other ignoramuses, see link.
-- squeak, Jul 02 2003

please don't call our bris names...
-- po, Jul 02 2003

In fact, tea vs. coffee is like Pepsi vs. Coke. They're all caffeinated drinks, i.e., extremely addictive, and the one you prefer will almost always be the first one you were exposed to/grew up with. (Which is why Coke and Pepsi go to such great lengths to obtain exclusive franchises.)

And, of course, the joke about tea is that it is only the British who were ignorant enough to put milk in it.

Nothing hits the spot quite like a good cup of tea/coffe/Coke/Pepsi. But it is not the particular flavor, or presence or absence of milk or heat or ice cream, that is doing the job, it's the caffeine, and the body's craving for it.
-- DrCurry, Jul 02 2003

Speaking of ignorami, what the fuck is creamer anyway? Does it just mean one of those tiny cartons of "cream" with loads of E-numbers in it? If yes, then fuck creamer and fuck tea creamer. Sorry, bit sweary today.
-- sild, Jul 02 2003

Then you fall into my "other" category [DrCurry].

There are an incredible number of different blends and varieties of teas AND coffees. Some of them with subtle differences, others more pronouncedly individual. This cannot be compared to Pepsi or Coke (yeah alright coke decaff, coke lemon, coke light, coke light decaff lemon but so what all fizzy crap anyway).
-- squeak, Jul 02 2003

[po] "you hum it son, and I'll play it!"
btw my wife used to be market research manager on PG Tips and has actually met the PG chimps (recent comeback rather than 70's originals). And very cute they were too apparently.
-- goff, Jul 02 2003

<macho> If I'm going to do tea, it's Lapsang-Souchong straight. Anything else is punk. </macho>
-- snarfyguy, Jul 02 2003

Who says I like coffee? Did I mention coffee?

[squeak] Is your link supposed to impress me in some manner?
-- bristolz, Jul 02 2003

Actually, Canuck did, and you said he had described you to a T. Well, he didn't actually say you liked it, only that you swilled it, and you actually said tea. But whatever - that's close enough to indict you.
-- DrCurry, Jul 02 2003

In the Venn diagram {E}, the intersection of the Set A named 'Non Dairy Creamer' and the Set B 'Tea' is null.
Besides that, what Douglas said except with Assam as previously stated.
-- gnomethang, Jul 02 2003

No, I said "tea."
-- bristolz, Jul 02 2003

I never would have predicted that.
-- k_sra, Jul 03 2003

Guinness is good for you! its fattening too. they used to give it to people in hospital to build them up. it may even be a source of iron.
-- po, Jul 03 2003

Sorry po. Wrong and wrong!

Guinness is, indeed, a source of iron. But not a very good one. Dried apricots seem to be one of the best sources for that...oh, and rusty supermarket trolleys.

Guinness is also less fattening than most lagers and bitters.

It is very nice though. Mmmm!

And although she seems to be backtracking quicker than an Italian tank, I agree with bristolz's first anno regarding the merits of tea. Yuck!
-- DrBob, Jul 03 2003

I really like Guinness but its too fattening - oh what the hell, make mine a pint. I need all the iron I can get

you can have a pint of apricot juice if you must :P
-- po, Jul 03 2003

I'm not backtracking! I'm not fond of tea but that doesn't automatically mean that I am gung ho on coffee. I'm not nuts about it, either.

What is clear though is that milk doesn't belong in tea.
-- bristolz, Jul 03 2003

bris, thank you for so graciously forgiving me my typo. I know better and I apologize heartily for my error.

And I really like that delicious bit of wit in your last comment.

I think once more UB has brought up an important point. Good beverages are more enjoyable than cheap imitations, no matter how "tarted up" you make your choice.

po, I save my Earl Grey for special occasions, such as when it is advisable to become horizontal. Wanna share some Earl Grey with me?
-- Canuck, Jul 03 2003

I'll join you but I will bring my PG tips, ta.

blissy, spinach does contain iron but due to some infamous typo somewhere, the amount was grossly exagerated hence Popeye's love of the stuff.
-- po, Jul 03 2003

I'm sorry [Bris] but you are horribly wrong! Tea is yucky (bleh!) without milk. Milk transforms it into the best drink in the world, sort of a tea catalyst if you will.
I can do without sugar but not milk.
-- silverstormer, Jul 03 2003

Sigh. I'm always wrong.
-- bristolz, Jul 03 2003

Everybody has their off days...You must have a few looming if your past success is anything to go by.
-- silverstormer, Jul 03 2003

there, there. have a cup of tea - make you feel better.
-- po, Jul 03 2003

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