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Being a fairly recent convert to tea-drinking, I never knew the perils of making a cup. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but quite often when I pour the water in, the teabag string and tag follows it into the cup. I'm left with no option but to fish the soggy paper tag out of the boiling water, somtimes with a spoon, sometimes with fingers alone.

My solution is to have a small hook at the base of the cup , and a hole in the tag, thus securing it to the outside of the cup where it is meant to be.
-- simonj, Jul 30 2008

A nice cup of tea http://en.wikibooks...k:A_Nice_Cup_of_Tea
(and a sit down) [nineteenthly, Jul 30 2008]

A nice cup of tea and a sit down
A nice cup of tea and a sit down [nineteenthly, Jul 30 2008]

Tea ball http://www.accordte.../infuser%20ball.jpg
[grayure]'s down the shops, but she'd have a lot to say on this. NB lack of hole but an appropriate hook is available. [nineteenthly, Jul 30 2008]

A nice cup of tea http://www.booksato...send/tea/orwell.htm
Note use of "tenthly". [nineteenthly, Jul 30 2008]

do you know the piano is on my foot?
[po, Jul 30 2008]

I frown upon teabags. Tea and many other kinds of material from which an infusion is to be made, can be loose and put in a teapot, with a strainer, or a teaball. Teabags waste resources. Also, when you make a pot of tea, you warm the pot and take the pot to the water, not the other way round, so that the water is as close to boiling as possible.

Even so, a teaball could have a tag with a hole in it, so [+]. Bear in mind, though, that in order to avoid cooling, the teaball either needs to be heated to around a hundred centigrade or be made of something like wicker.
-- nineteenthly, Jul 30 2008

PG Tips don't have a string or a cardboard tag - just fish it out with any metal cooking utensil of your choice and often the little pyramid tip presents itself like a shark fin - no problem.
-- po, Jul 30 2008

What's the "PG" for?
-- phoenix, Jul 30 2008

"Pre-Gest" - it was originally marketed as a sort of aperetif.
-- wagster, Jul 30 2008

[po]: You hum it, son, I'll play it.
-- neutrinos_shadow, Jul 30 2008

I was hoping for "Pan Galactic".
-- phoenix, Jul 31 2008

One word; VELCRO
-- blissmiss, Jul 31 2008

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