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"Bifocal" glasses with a plurality of camera inputs

Imagine a pair of glasses with two "fields", like bifocals, functioning like typical single focal lenses normally but having means where the signal from various camera inputs could be projected into one or both fields. For example, normal transperancy through the top, and rear view projected into the bottom part of the lenses, or a magnified view from a head mounted zoom camera could be projected into just the bottom part or the whole area. The rear view functionality would be superior to current mirror endowed glasses which put the mirrors on the outside sides of the lenses, the "Techno Bifocals" would be more natural for your eyes, esp. if they could project the rear video image across the whole area if desired. A muscle twich detection interface would be appropriate, you could wear them while tooling around on your Segway.
-- JakePatterson, Dec 04 2001

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[lewisgirl, Dec 04 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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You mean I can drive *and* browse the HalfBakery?

-- phoenix, Dec 04 2001

The big problem is going to be fitting all those cameras (with zoom lenses), LCD displays, controls and batteries into something as compact as a pair of bifocals. Night vision goggles are hardly lightweight and easy to wear. This is way beyond current technology, which doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad idea, but goggles with video displays and HUDs aren't original, and this doesn't add much except more input devices.
-- pottedstu, Dec 04 2001

oooh. Combine this with my very first idea (link) and I think all blissmiss's problems are answered!
-- lewisgirl, Dec 04 2001

Wow! lewisgirl was blissmiss!
-- pottedstu, Dec 04 2001

It's oft been said that I am my own evil twin.
-- lewisgirl, Dec 04 2001

But are you also your own good twin, and is there any way to tell the two of you apart? (Other than giving you a kitten, a bottle of whisky and a revolver.)
-- pottedstu, Dec 04 2001

today, lg would get the kitten drunk and wouldn't know how to work the revolver.
-- lewisgirl, Dec 04 2001

I see, a drunk cat with a gun. "Do ya feel lucky, doggies?" Positively diabolical.
-- pottedstu, Dec 04 2001

Better than [lewisgirl] getting drunk and shooting her mouth off.
-- phoenix, Dec 04 2001

play yer own flute, bm. I've got a French 'orn player coming round for dinner.
And you, phoenix, you watch your mouth or I'll stuff the kitten in it. Where was that kittens in jars website?
-- lewisgirl, Dec 04 2001

The overlay of vision and display is more easily achieved by using one eye, rather than half of both eyes. For example, the "Private Eye" is a very old wearable display of this sort; there are more modern HDTV-quality wearable displays.
-- jutta, Dec 05 2001

The advantage of my approach is that you can get a sterioscopic view of two different video sources.
-- JakePatterson, Dec 05 2001

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