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Coin collector

A remote controlled air plane is pimped out with the addition of a metal detector that sniffs out the specific alloy of metal in coins. It is flown through the streets of New York and other busy places where money exchanges hands. The information from the plane is uploaded to a chips which can clip onto belt buckles and other items of clothing. Next time you are walking your cat and approach a loose quarter your belt will make an annoying beep which becomes louder as you approach the coin. The belt is updated every hour, has a 'collected' button (so when coin is collected its location can be erased from the data base) and is fitted with a 'state-of-the-art' off switch, absolutely free!! Tell your friends!
-- danman, Feb 09 2009

England's Thriftiest Woman (TM) apparently made £175 last year picking up coppers. Although I've heard of women making a lot more than that by picking up coppers...
-- wagster, Feb 10 2009

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