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A cover for theeth kind of like a grill.

A grill (for teeth) that would keep all the dirt and acidity of soda off your teeth and sugar from destroying them, but instead of having them colored gold or diamond studded have a plain, cheap version for the everyday person so they don't have to go to the dentist. They could even be fashionable with different colours or keep them the teeth color.
-- krigre55, Dec 05 2007

A extra dose of enamelling?

//but instead of having them colored//

//They could even be fashionable with different colours//

<Does a head roll>
-- skinflaps, Dec 05 2007

dentists currently have this as a coating

I think a thing like this that developing world people could use would be nifty

who knows, maybe a quick rinse of H3O PTFE hydroxyapatite might work

I guess the engineering part would be a coating system people could use absent a professional

Idea: whiten teeth then coat

If the free radicals are strong enough to bleach teeth they might neutralize a dental coating
-- beanangel, Dec 05 2007

Why not just remove the teeth? There are plenty of blenders out there. We just need a fashionable young woman out there to make toothlessness the next emaciated.

Then you could eat anything you want (blended of course)
-- mylodon, Dec 06 2007

Even a plane.
-- theleopard, Dec 06 2007

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