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Tektite golf   (+2, -1)  [vote for, against]

Departs from regular golf during the drive, which is executed by swinging into a pool of molten lava. The player employs a club (really a spoon with a long handle), sending a clump of lava skyward, where—hopefully—it cools into a more or less spherical object before it hits the fairway, rolling to a smoking stop.
-- ldischler, Aug 12 2004

Would it actually cool in time? I guess it doesn't matter.+
-- swimr, Aug 12 2004

an iron is recommended,
-- po, Aug 12 2004

Watch out for those duffers - they tend to splash.
-- shapu, Aug 12 2004

Do they play this in Hell?
-- bungston, Aug 12 2004

You may want a set of new graphite club heads to go with the graphite shafts.
-- half, Aug 12 2004

Hehehe, it's genius. This is definately what the Devil would play while not playing the fiddle.

It also doesn't matter that the lava ball would be pretty damn heavy. [+]
-- eulachon, Aug 12 2004

...but it's a dry heat. (+)
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 12 2004

Swing that club polo-style from the back of your pterodactlyl.
-- bpilot, Aug 15 2004

I assume that there are no water hazards.
-- gnomethang, Aug 15 2004

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