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Food: Popcorn
Telescopic Handle for Jiffy-Pop   (0)  [vote for, against]
An improvement on an existing product

Popping Jiffy-Pop over a campfire is next to impossible without losing a great deal of arm hair. A telescopic handle would eliminate this problem. As an added bonus, you wouldn't have to get up off your chair or rock to pass it around. And you could re-use the handle as a double weenie-roasting stick afterward.
-- lintkeeper2, Jun 04 2004

Jiffy Pop Popcorn http://www.conagra....rands/jiffy_pop.jsp
Like this, but a way longer handle [lintkeeper2, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Warming pan http://www.peepsbyp...atalog/Bedroom.html
(Third and fourth from the bottom) [angel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Hotdog Fork
#3100 adjustable fork [Salted Nuts, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Why didn't I think of that? +
-- Worldgineer, Jun 04 2004

Ever heard of a stick? Ever heard of string or tape? Or even vines, if you're really roughing it?
-- Size_Mick, Jun 04 2004

Erm, yes, but those items are flammable. Jiffy pop needs to be hovered over a heat source, and you have to shake it continuously until it's done. So it needs to be long and stiff, if you will, [Size_Mick].
-- lintkeeper2, Jun 04 2004

Did the earth just move?

Instead of an extended handle on the package, how about an extention that _attaches to_ the current package? Something reusable.
-- phoenix, Jun 05 2004

Reuse the handle?! <snaps fingers>
-- dpsyplc, Jun 05 2004

I love popcorn. Anything to promote the eating of popcorn gets my vote as long as it is not stupid.
-- DesertFox, Jun 05 2004

On the high tech end, some sort of high-temperature resistant electromechanical actuator and controls sit right in the heat of the fire as you use the Jiffy Pop simulator to remotely shake the pan.

. . . and to think how all that telepresence work is going to waste on surgery and such, tsk
-- half, Jun 06 2004

//telepresence// Yes, it might even be effective to have $1/day workers in the third world work a virtual shaker, for that shaken-by-a-human flavor.
-- Worldgineer, Jun 06 2004

Or perhaps a magnetic stirrer that is powered by heat, then you'd only need a pair of oven mitts.
-- lintkeeper2, Jun 07 2004

You want a warming pan. (linky)
-- angel, Jun 07 2004

Link doesn't work, [angel]. I'm assuming you mean an antique bed-warmer, which is just the ticket. Now make it with an expanding foil lid.
-- lintkeeper2, Jun 07 2004

Works for me. Why the expanding foil lid? (I'm no expert on popcorn - I just make it in a pan on the stove.)
-- angel, Jun 07 2004

Link worked OK for me.

I tried to illustrate, but gave up due to lack of talent...anyway, if the wire handle could be made to include a couple of loops along the length of each side of the handle (in a plane normal to that of the handle), a standard, long roasting fork could be inserted in to the loops. Small notches in the fork tines aligned with the loops could act to secure the Jiffy Pop handle to the fork tines if the JP handle were required to be compressed a bit in order to match the fork tine spacing. Difficult to describe well, and unfortunately even more difficult for me to draw.
-- half, Jun 07 2004

Yes, the link works. I got an error first try.
The expanding foil lid is a classic jiffy-pop feature, [angel]. Popcorn & butter in a foil pie plate, expanding foil lid and a short handle. You shake it over a stove burner, and it puffs up as the popcorn pops.
[half] what would be more cost effective, I wonder, the 2 loops or just extending it?
-- lintkeeper2, Jun 07 2004

I think bending 4 extra 1/4" diameter loops to accept the fork tines would have to be more cost effective. But, I'm no popcorn engineer.
-- half, Jun 07 2004

Another note about Jiffy don't dare let go of that micro-handle that is provided because as soon as you grab it a again it it scorching hot from the fire.

The extendable hot dog fork (link) appears to have some promising attributes. maybe it could be adapted to use on Jiffy Pop.
-- Salted Nuts, Jun 07 2004

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